Guppedantha Manasu 19th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Guppedantha Manasu

Guppedantha Manasu Written Update 19th December 2022

The episode begins with Devayani calling Dharani. Dharani comes and inquires as to whether she needs espresso. Devayani says no and says she won’t reprove her as today she is in bliss. She says it’s festival time and requests that she get a hot bite. Dharani thinks she is cheerful by sending Vasudhara from home and figures I have close to zero familiarity with it.

Written Update Guppedantha Manasu Today Episode

She leaves. Devayani thinks Vasudhara tested her in endlessly outrage generally makes us think in the incorrect manner and this is my half triumph. Rishi gets back with a bouquet. He asks Devayani where is Vasudhara. He calls for Vasudhara. Devayani says Vasudhara left. Rishi asks where she went. Devayani says Vasudhara is upset as somebody expressed something to her school so she left saying she would rather not come here. Rishi asks what occurred and who hurt her. Devayani says don’t have the foggiest idea, Vasudhara passed on subsequent to conversing with Jagathi.Rishi meets Jagathi. He asks her where Vasudhara went in tears and what has been going on with her in school. Jagathi figures Devayani might let him know in support of herself. Rishi requests that she let him know who brought up Vasudhara’s personality in school. Jagathi says it will expand the issue assuming you go up against them so ensure nobody question your relationship and she encourages him to meet Vasudhara parent’s. Rishi asks where Vasudhara went. Jagathi says she went to her folks’ place confiding in you to join her. Rishi looks on.

Guppedantha Manasu

Vasudhara gets back to her room and notification it’s opened. The House proprietor emerges from the room. Vasudhara asks what’s she doing in her room. The house proprietor inquires as to whether she recollects the house. She kills Vasudhara’s personality and cautions her to leave their place and expels her gear. Vasudhara goes to the sanctuary and reviews how everybody is scrutinizing her personality. Rishi comes there. According to vasudhara, sir. Rishi says I realize you will be here. He asks her what occurred. He inquires as to whether she emptied the room. Vasudhara says they caused her to make it happen. Rishi inquires as to why. Vasudhara tells Rishi that there are 100 purposes behind this and says they are living in a general public and they need to confront it. Rishi says he can comprehend what she went through.

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Vasudhara says they feel glad that they are further developing in each field yet the women are as yet dealing with similar issues. Vasudhara reviews what occurred and remarks on it. Rishi welcomes Vasudhara to her home. Vasudhara questions Rishi on what right does she need to come to his home. Vasudhara says on the off chance that she came there as a visitor, she can remain there for 2 days. Vasudhara says a many individuals will chatter in the event that she came to his home and says she will go to her village.

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