Imlie 12th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Imlie Written Update 12th December 2022

The episode begins with Imlie asking Arto for his help. Will he give her that? Arto says she tells the truth and he will continuously uphold her regardless of whether they are not together any longer. He won’t ever break their fellowship. He figures Imlie will be harmed realizing he doesn’t adore her.

Written Update Imlie Today Episode

Arto appeals to God with shut eyes and Imlie gets the note Chini composed. She peruses somebody loves Arto and is energetic about him. Imlie thinks she is lucky that Arto has numerous admirers and fans however the young lady who composed this note shouldn’t hang tight for Arto as he is hitched. She is chooses to figure out who the young lady is. Chini calls Imlie and tells her to not invest all the energy behind praying.Later Chini advises Arto that she would rather not get hitched however her family is constraining her. Arto says he attempted to come clean with everybody except she halted him. He is deceiving Imlie and his family which he would rather not proceed. He needs to let them know he cherishes Chini. He holds her hand and tells her that Rudra is as of now debilitated and he can’t deal with more pressure in this condition. So they can’t uncover reality at this moment. Imlie hears his voice and goes to check whom he is conversing with. Arto behaves like conversing with somebody over call and Chini stows away from Imlie.


Imlie supposes assuming that mysterious admirer is giving pressure to Arto. Chini goes to meet Rathods and says she won’t ever pick a working class fellow for herself. Arpita tells her to not meddle in Imlie’s hitched life. Rupy demands Chini not to obliterate Imlie’s life. Sundar says he accepts Chini won’t ever be cheerful subsequent to harming her own sister. Chini is going to leave yet Rupy gives her swear saying she is her loved ones. In the event that Chini doesnt meet the person for once, she will see Rupy’s demise. Chini consents to meet the person for the wellbeing of Rupy. Rupy gets relief.

Imlie Latest Spoiler Alerts 12th December 2022

Ranas plan to invite Rudra in the house. He chastens them for calling a Babaji to perform jharphukh on Imlie. He says it’s truly disgraceful. Kia says Shivani called him. Rudra says he can comprehend Shivani and she has her motivations to uncertainty Imlie however she fouled up to her today. Rudra advises Imlie to play out his aarti which disturbs Shivani and she goes inside.

Imlie plays out his aarti and Rudra tells her not to contemplate Shivani. Arto causes Rudra to sit on bed. Rudra says Arto ought to turn into a decent spouse for Imlie. That would be the most capable thing. Arto says he succumbed to Chini as of now and it won’t change. He needs to come clean to Imlie soon. He cant give her anything over fellowship. Rudra says Arto is fortunate that he got Imlie in her life. She is a gift for himself and he shouldn’t hurt her. Arto leaves the room.

Chini converses with Anu that she would even not like to meet the person however she is constrained. Anu says she ought to cause the person to understand that he can’t get her that without any problem. She is out of his span. Chini sneers and she professes to overlook Arto later. Arto stops her and she says she will meet the person as Arto would rather not come clean to his family as of now. She is burnt out on hanging tight for him. Arto says how might she wed another person. Chini says she additionally adores him and in the event that her family compels her for marriage, she will end it all. Arto is stunned to hear that and Chini leaves showing counterfeit tears. Imlie holds Arto when he vacillates. He conceals the explanation of his tension.

Episode ends.

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