Imlie 13th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Imlie Written Update 13th December 2022

The episode begins with Imlie giving help to Arto and asks him what’s up. Arto doesn’t tell her his issue. She says she regards his decision yet to share then he can unreservedly do that. As this is the standard of marriage. Arto says thanks to her and leaves. He reviews Chini’s self destruction danger and thinks he needs to manage it all alone. Chini meets Gautam at a bistro and calls him as Jatin section 2. Chini says she sent him in a correctional facility and Gautam ought to be ready for that as well.

Written Update Imlie Today Episode

Gautam says he can comprehend her family constrained her to meet him. He attempts to leave however Chini sees Arto is entering the bistro. She stops Gautam and behaves like getting injured by him. Arto holds him by his collar and Chini says she just loves Arto and Gautam drove her away bitterly. Gautam says he did in no way like that. He was leaving. One fangirl called Naina gets energized seeing Arto and tells her companion she composes notes for him from school. Her companion advises her to meet him.Imlie arrives at the bistro to meet Chini’s husband to be. Arto takes Chini to vehicle and she sits inside. Naina meets him and shows him the notes. She adds she seriously loves him. He feels appreciative and he embraces her. Imlie sees them and contemplates whether Arto is here to meet that admirer. She figures Chini didn’t as yet come here. A few correspondents begin taking pictures of Arto without his consent. He says Rudra could see him with Chini and he can’t face challenge to uncover reality now. He advises the correspondents to erase his photos. Correspondent says it’s their calling and on the off chance that a superstar is advising them to erase the image, he should stow away something.


Arto lets Chini know that they will land in a difficult situation on the off chance that Rudra becomes acquainted with about their mystery meeting from this media. They deceived their loved ones. Chini says assuming that he is stressed over Imlie. Arto says he cant let his family in on reality at this moment. Chini embraces him saying she can grasp what is going on. He feels Imlie will be broken knowing the truth.

Imlie Latest Spoiler Alerts 13th December 2022

Imlie neglects to see Chini to follow Naina. Imlie feels assuming that she is again questioning some unacceptable individual. Imlie questions Arto in room that she saw him at the bistro and for what reason did he go there? Arto drops his stuff being anxious. He thinks perhaps she didn’t see Chini. He says he met a fan there who composes notes for him since school days. He has an occasion with her tomorrow too. Imlie says however fans do insane things now and again. Arto shields Naina and inquire as to whether she feels somewhat unsure. She says until further notice he ought to zero in on his occasion. She thinks the fangirl may be perilous who is behind the bomb blast.

Rathods examine about Chini’s way of behaving towards Imlie. They say that Anu programmed Chini from youth and that’s what made her like. Sundar says he likewise feels now Chini is after Arto’s cash. They choose to find an answer together. Imlie sees the paper and gets astonished seeing Arto, Chini and Naina’s photograph. She figures the reason why Arto didn’t tell her he met Chini at a bistro. Chini behaves like she is fortunate that her image got clicked with Arto.

Arto leaves for work and Chini additionally leaves. Imlie imparts to her she realized who is behind the impact. Chini gets frightened and Imlie says Naina is unquestionably the guilty party as she loves him and he dismissed her. Chini expresses she with Imlie to get her assuming that is valid. She grins embracing Imlie that the last option has no clue she is her genuine foe. Arto takes gifts from his family prior to leaving for show and educates Rudra. He maintains a strategic distance from Arto and disappears. Imlie sees Arto’s upset face.

Episode ends

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