Imlie 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Imlie Written Update 14th December 2022

The episode begins with Chini grinning and checking Imlie out. She says Imlie needs to sob for going near Arto. This is only the little trailer. Have calls Arto on the stage and crowd begin hooting for him. Naina sings and Arto presents extraordinary music to all. Devika sees Rudra is partaking in the exhibition and she lets Imlie know that interestingly he is extending appreciation to Arto’s work.

Written Update Imlie Today Episode

Akash tells Kia that Rudra is by all accounts dazzled by Arto’s presentation. Kia says her men have shown up as of now and they will wreck everything. A few hooligans enter the show and make tumult in the show. Everybody runs to a great extent and Rudra chides Arto for having such ridiculous crowd who don’t have any idea how to act. He says this is definitely not a conscious calling he was in every case right. Arto feels defenseless and they understand that Devika is missing. Rana’s quest for herself and Rudra panics.Later they illuminate the police about Devika and Rudra looks pushed. Imlie lets Arto know that he needed to confront every one of these due to her and she guarantees him that she will figure out Devika. Cops let them know that they found a dead body which looks like Devika. Rana’s get stunned to hear that. They visit the mortuary to recognize the body. Arto goes to eliminate the cover and Akash inquires as to whether that is actually Devika’s body. Arto can’t move further and he sits crushed. Rudra eliminates the cover rather than him and wavers. Imlie gives backing to him. They feel eased seeing that is not Devika. Imlie lets the police know that this isn’t her mom in law.


Rudra says Devika isn’t here a direct result of Arto’s hardheadedness. He begins faulting his energy for music for Devika’s vanishing. He asks Imlie that she let him know Arto’s music has mending power yet it’s each of the a waste. Rudra says Devika truly confided in Arto that he won’t let anything turn out badly. Be that as it may, Arto broke her trust. Rudra promises to bring back Devika at any expense else he will cut attaches with Arto. He will be his child for namesake. Shivani tells him not to act like that with his child. Rudra doesn’t pay regard and Chini says in the event that a few thugs enter the show, what is Arto’s shortcoming in that?

Imlie Latest Spoiler Alerts 14th December 2022

Rudra advises Chini to avoid their family matter. She doesn’t have the foggiest idea about his displeasure really yet, he leaves and Arto feels broken. He says he was thoughtless since adolescence and Devika used to deal with him. He isn’t anything without her, however presently she vanished in view of his music as it were. Rudra is correct about him.Imlie lets him know that Devika will be found without a doubt. He asks her how could she oversee without her mom whole life? He isn’t solid like her.

Imlie says Devika will be found and she is solid. She guarantees him and Chini gets maddened seeing their bond. Imlie inquires as to whether she will assist them with tracking down Devika. Rupy calls Chini saying she needs to go to meet Abhishek and tells her not to come up with rationalization. Chini says fine and she tells Imlie that Rupy is wiped out. Imlie and Arto demand her to go to Rupy first. Imlie makes a hashtag on Arto’s virtual entertainment to track down Devika with his fans’ assistance. The hashtag becomes a web sensation in news. Fans begin looking for Devika for their star.

Episode ends

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