Imlie 15th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Imlie Written Update 15th December 2022

The episode begins with Arto and Imlie going to look for Devika. One businessperson says he saw her going behind the truck. Arto and Imlie sit inside the vehicle and he says he will arrive at his mom at any expense. Arto’s one fan calls him and lets a similar area know where they will track down Devika. Kia and Akash go to their room. Kia advises Akash to quit acting and the last option begins giggling. They uncover it’s their arrangement to send Devika away with the goal that Rudra abandons Arto from the property and they get everything. Arto stops the vehicle subsequent to arriving at the area. He begins beating the driver and the last option uncovers somebody advised him to go about their responsibilities so he complied. Arto and Imlie track down oblivious Devika inside the truck. Arto cries embracing her and Devika says she is fine.

Written Update Imlie Today Episode

Rudra tells Arto from entering home. Arto brings Devika before hawan. Rudra embraces her and Kia Akash get stunned seeing Devika back. They start their acting that they are presently feeling better. Rudra expresses gratitude toward Imlie for making it conceivable. Imlie says all credit goes to Arto’s fans who informed them about the specific area about Devika. Rudra remains quiet. Imlie expresses gratitude toward Arto’s fans by utilizing a hashtag. Rathods find out about Devika’s vanishing from news. Sundar says yet why they didn’t get to be familiar with it. Indeed, even Chini didn’t illuminate them. Rupy she couldn’t have cared less so she didn’t tell them. Rupy trusts that Chini gets a right accomplice who will show her right path.Devika educates the workers to make the arrangements for Hawan. Imlie advises her to loosen up saying she will oversee everything. Arto emerges and Imlie inquires as to whether he needs to tell anything then he shouldn’t stow away. He asks how can she be aware? She says he can say thanks to her openly. Later she expresses that she didn’t give the juice to Naina.


Akash’s telephone rings and Imlie picks it. Kia breaks stuffs in her room furiously saying they thought Imlie is guiltless yet for what reason did she think carefully to track down Devika. She ruined their arrangement. Imlie gets inside their room and they get apprehensive. Imlie offers back the telephone to them saying she got a call where somebody requested cash for the show episode. Akash says it very well may be an off-base number. Imlie cautions them saying she gets the right data generally on time so they can’t trick her. Akash lets Kia know that they need to effectively dispose of Imlie.

Imlie Latest Spoiler Alerts 15th December 2022

Imlie attempts to wear the bangles given by Devika however comes up short. It harms her hand and Chini helps her. Chini leaves subsequent to getting Abhishek’s call. Arto makes Imlie wear the jewelry and notification the cut on her hand. He asks her for what good reason she wore it on the off chance that it was not her size. He applies salve on her injury and she gets pleased seeing his consideration. She sees the bangles’ tone disappeared. She understands it’s not the genuine gold bangle and she gets stressed thinking who took it from her.

Precap-Devika advises the women to place their gold gems in the pot of milk. The milk becomes brilliant. Shivani picks Imlie’s phony bangle and asks her where could the genuine one be? Imlie looks on

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