Imlie 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Imlie Written Update 16th December 2022

The episode begins with Imlie checking out at the blurred variety from her bangles. She ponders who took her gold bangles. She tells this issue to Arto and the last the workers here are reliable and they can’t do such thing. He exhorts her not to tell this to the family as it will make superfluous show. Imlie complies with him, Anu chides Chini for going to meet the following person. She says in the event that Chini became devoted towards Rupy. She shouldn’t have left Imlie with Arto. Chini says she previously took the gold bangles and put counterfeit ones inside the container. Imlie will cause problems after that.

Written Update Imlie Today Episode

Anu feels glad for her. Kia gets some information about Chini yet Rudra says it’s family puja and he won’t really care for any pariah’s presence. Devika expresses because of some monetary issue long back they needed to sell her gems however she didn’t give her mom Access regulation’s gems to be sold. Those are valuable and Imlie has the right to wear them. Kia gets envious and tells Akash she gets nothing from Devika. Akash says why Imlie looks pushed today. Kia attempts to track down the explanation. Imlie conceals her hands under saree.Chini gets eager to partake in the treat at the café yet the assistant says there’s no reserving availabile on her name or on Abhishek’s name. Abhishek shows up and takes Chini to some other spot which astonishes her. Kia discovers that lmlie’s bangles are phony seeing the blur tone. Rana’s engage in the puja and there Abhishek takes her to a modest café and expresses it’s for to know one another better.


Chini thinks that it is revolting and she asks Rupy for what good reason the last option generally tracks down such working class fellow for her. Rupy says Chini additionally commits errors intentionally and why she didn’t illuminate them about Devika’s grabbing. Chini stammers and afterward Rupy orders her to invest energy with Abhishek. Rana’s advise the women to give the gems in the milk pot for a custom. The milk becomes yellow and Shivani observes that Imlie’s bangle is phony. She admonishes her for deceiving them about the lost bangle. She says Devika is giving an excessive amount of need to Imlie.

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Arto agrees with her stance saying Imlie saved him, Rudra, found Devika with her hashtag then how is it that they could question her. He simply advised her to conceal the issue from his family as the hawan was significant. The bangle got taken from the house because of everybody’s issue not in light of Imlie as it were. Arto says he will attempt to find the bangle when Shivani continues charging lmlie for destroying the hawan puja. Imlie says she will go with him and she will invest amounts of energy to bring it back.

Chini asks Abhishek’s compensation and derides him saying he can’t take her obligations. She says why he carried her to a modest spot for first date. At any rate, she will dismiss him and he says he is remembering to dismiss her. He calls her exhausting and she thinks he has an excessive amount of demeanor notwithstanding being working class. She gets blissful reasoning Imlie is dealing with issue in the house now. Arto and Imlie go to market to find assuming the hoodlum has sold the bangle there. They see a few hooligans who are holding the bangles. Arto prepares to give them two lakhs for the bangle however they get out of hand with Imlie and decline to give the bangles to them. They request five lakhs. Arto cautions them that he really wants it and he has insufficient time yet the men snicker at them.

Precap-Arto tells Chini he cherishes her not lmlie. That’s what imlie hears. He attempts to clear up things for her yet she says they ought to get separated.

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