Imlie 17th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Imlie Written Update 17th December 2022

The episode begins with Arto telling the thugs not to act mischievously with Imlie and he needs more chance to squander. They actually ramble and Arto thrashes them. The hooligans get their example and apologize to him and he advises them to express sorry to Imlie. He asks them who sold them the bangles. They answer they have no clue about that. Imlie expresses gratitude toward Atharv for his assistance to which he says it was his obligation to save her. They return home and Rudra feels glad for them saying nothing can turn out badly on the off chance that Arto and Imlie are there to address it. He embraces Arto and Kia Akash get angered. Imlie advises Arto that she needs to express sorry to Naina. She calls her to sort the issues between them. She says she will go to Naina’s concerts.

Written Update Imlie Today Episode

Arto gets intrigued seeing Imlie’s methodology of making companions. She says absolution can end each battle and make cheerful recollections. He thinks however the manner in which he is deceiving her by lying one sorry isn’t sufficient to make up for that. Chini thinks she needs to dispose of Abhishek. She concocts rationalization of Rupy’s affliction and disappears to claim to call her. Abhishek inquires as to whether they are completely fine? Arpita says Rupy is fine and he asks why Chini lied. Chini returns and says Rupy is better. Imlie and Arto go out for a lengthy drive and Imlie advises him to stop the vehicle close to a tea slow down where Chini is sitting with Abhishek. Chini leaves seeing them.Imlie orders tea and Arto says he will arrange something different. They discover that paan is well known here. Arto says he loves Amitabh Bachchan. Chini approaches Abhishek and gets out that she isn’t that average heartfelt young lady who needs love. She really wants solace which he cannot give her so they ought to head out in different directions. He merits an extraordinary soul mate. He says he enjoys her genuineness. He leaves and Chini thinks even after the affront he left happily. Arto eats the paan and feels inebriated. He drives the vehicle and starts singing noisily. She inquires as to whether he is OK. He loses the equilibrium and the vehicle meets with an accident.


Arto gets harmed and Imlie gets strained for him. She brings him back home and he acquires conciousness. He gets confounded and asks her how could he wind up losing his sense. She says she carried him back with individuals’ assistance and he ought to accept rest as he consumed the paan. Perhaps that paan was spiked. She goes to cook and he feels good.

Imlie Latest Spoiler Alerts 17th December 2022

Chini shows counterfeit worry to Arto and the last option says Imlie generally deals with him however he sits idle yet misleading her. Chini says then he ought to come clean. Divya and Shivani insult Imlie and Devika recommends them to go for yatra to discover a sense of reconciliation. Imlie goes to open the entryway when the chime rings. One cop gets some information about the vehicle outside who is the proprietor of that? Imlie reviews Arto was driving it and she says she drives it. Arto comes to converse with her and cop says Imlie will be locked up. Everybody gets shocked.

Episode ends

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