Imlie 19th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Imlie Written Update 19th December 2022

The episode begins with cops let Rudra know that Imlie was doing rash driving and certain individuals protest against her. Imlie gets captured and Arto says there should be a misconception and he advises the police to tune in for once. Imlie tells him not to get hyper and sits inside the jeep.

Written Update Imlie Today Episode

Divya and Shivani begin provoking Imlie for destroying their standing to which Arto lets them know that they don’t pass on an opportunity to insult Imlie. Rupy and Sundar gain from Abhishek that Chini is straight forward who told him plainly she isn’t keen on adoration. He needs to meet her once more, Rupy gets glad to realize that Abhishek can be an ideal counterpart for Chini. Arpita illuminates them about Imlie’s capture. Arto tracks down watch in the traveler’s seat and acknowledges he was driving not Imlie so she misled the police to save him.He causes situation at the police headquarters and contends with Imlie for assuming the fault on herself. He says for what reason did she falsehood and he likewise needs to get captured. Controller advises him to leave however Arto sings rap tune to defy the guideline. He goes inside the lock up for an explanation and Rudra tells them not to irritate the reviewer once more. There Chini enlightens Rupy regarding Abhishek’s unfortunate status to which Rupy answers he claims loads of inns and cafés. He could do without to flaunt. Chini figures she shouldn’t have gotten rowdy with such a rich person. She says she might want to meet him again.


Imlie shudders while attempting to rest and Arto grasps her concern. He rubs her hands to comfort her. She feels like in the event that he began cherishing her as he is dealing with her. She says she isn’t drowsy and he plays music for her with normal instruments. Cop tells him not to disrupt guidelines and Arto says thanks to Imlie for filling his heart with joy fascinating. She says the two of them will go through the entire time on earth like that joyfully. Arto figures he will live with Chini not with Imlie.

Imlie Latest Spoiler Alerts 19th December 2022

Chini lets Anu know that she will dump Arto as the last option didn’t assume control over Rudra or Imlie’s property yet. She can hardly hang tight for him. Anu thinks however she needs to retaliate for Imlie. She asks Chini what might she tell Arto? Chini says she will make due. Rana’s invite Imlie and Arto in the house and bother them. Arto says he needed to save her as she deceived cops. Arpita and Rupy notice the shine all over and asks her the explanation. She says Arto loves her perhaps. Rathods tell her not to sit around idly but rather she should Arto straightforwardly. Imlie feels shy

Episode ends.

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