Karthika Deepam 12th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Karthika Deepam

Karthika Deepam Written Update 12th December 2022

The episode begins with Karthik and Deepa rejoining with their loved ones. Soundarya feels thrilled with seeing Karthik and Deepa alive and questions them for what reason didn’t they reach her till now? Karthik says he isn’t in that frame of mind to come and says when he awakened he failed to remember his past and turned into Mounitha’s better half. Deepa says she came here once however she found that they sold this house and went to the USA. Deepa tells Soundarya the amount she battled with Mounitha. Karthik says Sourya is likewise there. Deepa hearing this questions Soundarya on for what reason is Sourya not with them? Deepa is demonstrated to dream of it.

Written Update Karthika Deepam Today Episode

Karthik and Deepa arrive at the house. Karthik attempts to awaken Deepa yet she is oblivious. Karthik considers what’s up with her. Karthik figures he ought to take her to the clinic. Karthik sees Hima outside the house watering the plants.Karthik becomes acquainted with about Deepa’s circumstance subsequent to seeing Deepa’s reports from Charu Seela. Karthik gets broken seeing the reports of Deepa. Charu Seela solaces Karthik and says it is basically impossible for Deepa to be restored and says a heart relocate is the main way. Karthik feels remorseful and faults himself for Deepa’s circumstance. Charu Seela says it is essential for destiny and it isn’t his shortcoming. Karthik actually faults himself for Deepa’s circumstance. Karthik asks Charu Seela how he ought to inform Deepa regarding her condition. Charu Seela requests that Karthik conceal Deepa’s condition from her and says now just he is her mental fortitude and requests that he stay solid. The medical caretaker comes and says the patient has recaptured awareness and is needing to converse with him. Karthik consents to go and requests that Charu Seela come. Charu Seela requests that he go and says Deepa will get dubious assuming she sees her. Karthik agrees.

Karthika Deepam

Indrudu expresses farewell to Chandramma and Sourya. Sourya asks Indrudu for what good reason is Chandramma miserable when he is leaving? Indrudu says they generally used to go together however presently she is remaining here. Sourya hearing this says they will likewise accompany him. Indrudu rejects Sourya’s solicitation. Chandramma diverts Sourya requesting that Indrudu bring something for Sourya. Indrudu concurs and leaves from that point. Sourya feels dubious of Indrudu’s behaviour.

Karthika Deepam Latest Spoiler Alerts 12th December 2022

Soundarya and Anandrao discuss Karthik and Deepa and they ponder what inconvenience could have Mounitha made for Deepa and Karthik as they couldn’t reach them till now. Anandrao and Soundarya choose to find Karthik and Deepa regardless of what.

Deepa asks Karthik what befell her and for what reason would she say she is in the clinic? Karthik says she just blacked out and that’s it. Deepa says there is no requirement for that little thing to carry her to the emergency clinic and says on the off chance that he carried her to the house, she would have been more happy.

Episode ends

Precap – Karthik to see Indrudu just external his home. Karthik requests that Deepa bring a rest and gets down from the vehicle. Karthik prevents Indrudu from going into the house.

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