Karthika Deepam 13th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Karthika Deepam

Karthika Deepam Written Update 13th December 2022

The episode begins with Deepa asking Karthik what was the deal? Karthik says she has quite recently fallen oblivious. Deepa says she would have been cheerful assuming he has taken her to the house rather than the emergency clinic. Deepa requests that Karthik go to the house. Karthik says there is compelling reason need and says Soundarya and Anandrao went to the town they are remaining in. Deepa asks Karthik for what valid reason did they go there? Karthik says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea and says they need to leave and go there rapidly to contact them. Deepa concurs and demands Karthik to come by the house and says she atleast needs to see the house from outside. Karthik agrees.

Written Update Karthika Deepam Today Episode

Chandramma feels miserable as she will offer Sourya to her loved ones. Chandramma takes care of Sourya food herself and invest energy with her.Karthik shows the house to Deepa from the vehicle. Deepa inquires as to whether they can see the house by getting down from the vehicle. Karthik says there is compelling reason need. Deepa agrees.

Karthika Deepam

Karthik sees Indrudu coming and requests that Deepa take rest for some time. Deepa concurs. Karthik prevents Indrudu from going to the house. Karthik defies Indrudu on the thing would he say he is doing here? Indrudu tells Karthik he came here to return Sourya and expresses out loud whatever occurred. Indrudu inquires as to whether they will reclaim Sourya. Karthik tells Indrudu to keep Sourya with him. Indrudu gets paralyzed hearing this. Karthik says because of reasons he can’t see he can’t remove Sourya and says he will converse with him later and takes his telephone no. Karthik requests that Indrudu leave from here. Indrudu agrees.

Karthika Deepam Latest Spoiler Alerts 13th December 2022

Chandramma asks Indrudu for what good reason did he request that she come here alone? Chandramma inquires as to whether he met Soundarya and Anandrao? Indrudu says he met Karthik. Indrudu says Karthik requested that he keep Sourya with them . Chandramma hearing the news feels thrilled. Indrudu tells Chandramma that they will keep Sourya with us until their concerns are settled. Chandramma says they have some association with Sourya. Chandramma says today is a decent day as he carried uplifting news to her. Chandramma likewise says Dr Charu Seela called her and said she has some work with her. Chandramma says she will meet her.

Deepa performs puja at the Tulsi plant. Karthik comes there with espresso. He thinks no god is thinking about Deepa’s prosperity. Deepa goes along with him. Karthik advises Deepa to cause him to pick up cooking as he is intending to cook for her consistently. Deepa inquires as to whether he maintains that her should perform medical procedures. Karthik says he isn’t kidding. Deepa says she is not kidding and requests that he tell her which casket he wants.

Karthik says Charu Seela called me for medical procedure so I will have tiffin there and she said she will send tiffin to you. Deepa inquires as to for what reason to inconvenience her. Karthik says she could feel terrible in the event that I deny so I concur however I requested that she search us a worker. Deepa says she needn’t bother with any laborer. Karthik says your medical procedure is done now so you want rest. Deepa concurs. Karthik says he requested that Charu Seela get them a handed down vehicle. Deepa asks would they confirm or deny that they are leaving for Hyderabad? Karthik says we want to remain here until we track down Sourya. Deepa concurs. Karthik requests that she take tablets. Deepa inquires as to why he is tense about her wellbeing even after she got operated.

Episode ends.

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