Karthika Deepam 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Karthika Deepam

Karthika Deepam Written Update 14th December 2022

The episode begins with Karthik reviewing what occurred with Indrudu. Karthik figures he ought to conceal what he shared with Indrudu from Deepa and says he ought to fulfill sure that Deepa is to himself. Deepa comes and tells Karthik that the tiffin is prepared. Karthik asks Deepa for what reason did he go to the kitchen as Charu seela said she will send somebody. Deepa says she previously shared with Charu Seela that she will get ready tiffin and asked her not to send anybody. Karthik and Deepa bother one another. Deepa requests that Karthik come to eat the tiffin. Karthik concurs. Karthik sees Chandramma and reviews what occurred. Karthik sees Chandramma and asks her for what reason did she come here? Chandramma says she didn’t realize it was their home. Karthik requests that Chandramma leave. Chandramma says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea about why he is doing this? Karthik says he understands what he is doing and requests that she deal with Sourya? Chandramma concurs and leaves from that point. Karthik gives a cash to Chandramma who is leaving. Deepa comes and asks Karthik where did he go? Karthik says he chatted with someone.

Written Update Karthika Deepam Today Episode

Soundarya asks Anandrao for what reason did he prevent them from leaving without a second to spare. Anandrao says he later thought essentially and thought about the chance of them being alive is low. Soundarya doesn’t get persuaded with Anandrao and says she will go alone in the event that she needs to and remain there. Hima says she will accompany her. Yet, Soundarya doesn’t permit her. Hima says then they can go there for Sankranti. Soundarya says she really wants to contemplate it.Indrudu and Chandramma discuss Karthik’s way of behaving and feel baffled by his way of behaving. Indrudu gets some information about it to an extreme. Chandramma agrees.

Karthika Deepam

Chandramma shows the skirt and different things she brought for Sourya. Sourya feels cheerful seeing the dress. Chandramma inquires as to whether she is searching for something. Sourya says she is searching for the pubescence capability photograph she took with them.

Karthika Deepam Latest Spoiler Alerts 14th December 2022

Deepa feels close to home seeing the photograph of Sourya with Chandramma and Indrudu. Deepa chooses to look for Sourya from tomorrow and not leave them.

Karthik feels profound With everything going on’s. Charu Seela requests that Karthik stay solid. Karthik tells Charu Seela that he thinks there is a major revile on his family as their conditions never permit them to be brought together with one another. Karthik figures he ought to figure out why Sourya is here and considers what he ought to do. Karthik inquires as to whether it is absolutely impossible to save Deepa. Karthik says he definitely knows the response. Karthik agrees.

Deepa sees that the forward portion of the house is now cleaned. Deepa figures Karthik got it done. The servant says she is the person who cleaned the house. Deepa questions the house cleaner on who is she? The house cleaner says Charu Seela sent her here. Deepa figures out subsequent to conversing with her. The house cleaner advises Deepa to prepare and she will get ready tiffin for her. Deepa agrees.

Episode ends.

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