Karthika Deepam 15th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Karthika Deepam

Karthika Deepam Written Update 15th December 2022

The episode begins with Soundarya calling Parvatamma to deal with Anandrao and Hima. Anandrao asks Soundarya where is she going? Soundarya says she will look for Karthik and Deepa. Anandrao attempts to persuade Soundarya to remain here saying in the event that they are alive, they would have reached them at this point. Soundarya actually doesn’t get persuaded and considers different reasons that they may be alive. Anandrao actually attempts to prevail upon Soundarya and says to go she can go to bring back Sourya.

Written Update Karthika Deepam Today Episode

Pandari prevents Karthik from going to running and says today is Friday. He can go external subsequent to doing Pooja. Karthik asks who is she? Deepa comes and tells Karthik that she is the house keeper that Charu Seela sent. Deepa requests that Karthik prepare for Pooja. Karthik concurs. Deepa likewise prepares. Pandari comes and assists Deepa with preparing. Deepa asks Pandari where does she reside? Pandari redirects the inquiry saying she has work to do. Deepa thinks she is dealing with any consequences regarding everything with the exception of her question.Chandramma brings a couple of vegetables from the market. Sourya sees that in the vegetables there is additionally an English cucumber and discards it reviewing that Hima likes it and yells on Chandramma as she previously told once that she could do without English cucumber. Sourya feels regretful pondering yelling on Chandramma.

Karthika Deepam

Sourya climbs the tree to get blossoms for Pooja. Chandramma requests that Sourya watch out. Sourya concurs. Sourya falls on the ground and hits her head and falls oblivious. Chandramma stresses over Sourya seeing this.

Karthika Deepam Latest Spoiler Alerts 15th December 2022

Deepa questions Pandari on where does she reside? Pandari actually doesn’t address and redirects the inquiry again saying she has house work to do. Deepa feels dubious with Pandari’s way of behaving. Charu Seela sees that Karthik is inattentive and asks Karthik what is he thinking? Karthik says he can’t imagine how to save Deepa. Charu Seela says he is stressed over Deepa that is the reason he was unable to consider an answer and says she previously reached all the cardiology organizations and says they sent Deepa’s case document to them.

Charu Seela says they will find an answer soon. Karthik says thanks to Charu Seela. Indrudu calls Karthik and says Sourya tumbled down from the tree and got her head injured. Karthik asks Indrudu how is Sourya? Indrudu tells Karthik that they currently conceded her in a little clinic. Karthik instructs Indrudu. Karthik tells Charu Seela that Sourya got injured and says assuming Sourya is oblivious he will do the treatment and inquires as to whether Sourya is alert. Charu Seela agrees.

Anandrao stresses over Soundarya going alone in a vehicle. Soundarya says she isn’t going alone and says Anji is additionally accompanying her. Anji additionally guarantees Anandrao that Soundarya will be protected with him. Anandrao agrees.

Karthik does treatment for Sourya and says she has lost a ton of blood they need to do a X-ray. Charu Seela takes Sourya to a room. Charu Seela says he is stressed and says her checks out. Karthik sees that Sourya is recapturing Cognizance and stows away from her. Sourya asks Chandramma that somebody called Karthik at the present time and inquires as to whether her dad came here.

Episode ends.

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