Karthika Deepam 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Karthika Deepam

Karthika Deepam Written Update 16th December 2022

The episode begins with Sourya addressing Chandramma in the event that Karthik came here as she heard somebody calling Karthik. Sourya requests that Indrudu come clean. Indrudu says he didn’t come here and says in the event that he came here he would have been here. Sourya concurs. Sourya inquires as to whether she was the person who took Karthik’s name. Indrudu tells Sourya that she didn’t call her dad and says she called out to a compounder and says him is likewise Karthik. Sourya feels down and out hearing this. Charu Seela asks Sourya for what valid reason did she get on the tree? Sourya says it is to get ready blossoms for God so he will permit her to meet her folks soon. Charu Seela expresses to avoid any such thing. Sourya concurs. Charu Seela requests that Sourya take a rest. Sourya concurs and takes a rest. Sourya shut her eyes. Karthik removes this opportunity to go from the room.

Written Update Karthika Deepam Today Episode

Chandramma and Indrudu discuss Sourya. Chandramma asks Indrudu what can be the explanation for Karthik not having any desire to remove Sourya? Indrudu says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Chandramma asks Indrudu what might happen once Deepa realizes that Karthik is keeping Sourya with her. Indrudu says he doesn’t have any idea what will occur and says Karthik will deal with it. Indrudu goes to bring medication for Sourya. Chandramma holds up in the holding up hall.Deepa comes to the clinic with the carriage. Deepa sees Chandramma. Karthik additionally sees that Deepa saw Chandramma. Karthik advises Indrudu to remove Chandramma. Deepa questions Chandramma about where could Sourya be? Chandramma keeps quiet. Indrudu comes and removes Chandramma. Deepa attempts to stop them however she couldn’t and passes out. Deepa blacks out. Karthik gets Deepa. Karthik asks the medical clinic staff to assist with placing Deepa in the vehicle.
The clinic staff pays attention to him.

Karthika Deepam

Chandramma and Indrudu discuss what may be the justification for Karthik getting Sourya far from Deepa. Chandramma feels remorseful seeing Deepa.

Karthika Deepam Latest Spoiler Alerts 16th December 2022

Chandramma and Indrudu come to Sourya. Sourya asks Indrudu where did they go? Sourya inquires as to whether Karthik truly didn’t come here. Indrudu says he didn’t.

Soundarya requests that Anji go to the inn and says they will take a rest and begin looking for Karthik and Deepa inevitably. Anji agrees.

Karthik questions Indrudu on how could he meet Sourya? Indrudu says how they met Sourya and how they left pick taking for Sourya. Karthik questions Indrudu on for what reason is Sourya not remaining with Soundarya? Indrudu says Sourya is faulting Hima for their mishap. Indrudu says Soundarya, Hima, and Anandrao attempted to take Sourya by persuading her yet Sourya didn’t go with them as Sourya genuinely accepted that her folks are alive. Soundarya and Anandrao didn’t really accept that that they are alive. Karthik additionally concurs for them to think like that.

Karthik says he figured Sourya couldn’t go to Soundarya that is the reason she is remaining with you. Indrudu says there is nothing similar to that and determines what has been going on with Karthik. Karthik expresses gratitude toward Indrudu for what he did and says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what state Sourya will be in without them. Indrudu asks Karthik for what reason isn’t let anybody know that they are alive? Karthik says they ought to possibly come clean when it gives joy to other people and says they shouldn’t let it know if it harms others and says he will come clean brilliantly.
Chandramma inquires as to whether she will go to class. Sourya says she will pursue she finds her parents.

Episode ends.

Precap – Deepa to show the photograph of Sourya to Pandari. Pandari recognizes Indrudu and Chandramma and shares with Deepa that they are remaining close to her home. Deepa feels thrilled hearing this. Pandari takes Deepa to Indrudu and Chandramma’s home to reclaim Sourya.

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