Katha Ankahee 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Katha Ankahee Written Update 14th December 2022

The episode begins with Katha’s companion tells her the NGO they arrived voluntarily certainly help her. Katha enters. She then, at that point, emerges with her companion who tells her not to stress as they will converse with the legal administrator who will help them. Katha sees kids are playing there. She proceeds to give them chocolates. The children blissful. Katha tells her companion she figured this NGO can help her yet the records that were kept inside and how to tell the guardians her Aarav is a higher priority than their children. She then gets a call from a bank and they offers her a credit yet requests that she utilize their charge card first. Katha flies off the handle and separates the call. Katha’s companion asks her not to lose trust since they will figure out how to settle this problem.

Written Update Katha Ankahee Today Episode

Katha asks her companion for what valid reason mightn’t she at any point get some information about credit for Aarav’s treatment. Her companion advises her that she lied to find a new line of work. Additionally every individual who works in their office feels that she is single so uncovering reality currently will not be super useful to her or her transporter. She further adds Katha that she is just an impermanent worker. Katha says atleast she needs to attempt and what sort of organization it would be assuming they will not help their workers however be it long-lasting or brief representative. Katha’s companion tells Katha she can inquire as to whether he concurs then she will not have issue getting credit. She likewise requests that Katha not to uncover even Jitu about her having a child for whose clinical treatment just she need that credit. Katha obliges.Shamita vapor out of resentment when she sees her end letter which is given to her by Jitu. She requests a response from Jitu for ending that also referencing her exhibition isn’t upto the organization’s assumptions. She additionally attempts to guard herself that her thought process when she went to Viaan’s room is to examine about the task nothing else. She likewise castigates about Viaan. Jitu cautions Shamita to not to say a word against Viaan likewise compromises her then, at that point, makes her leave the spot. Katha who is entering the workplace sees an irate Shamita leaving the workplace whining about Viaan. Shamita gets angry when the representative illuminated her, her entrance cards access has been denied. Katha meets Jitu. She argues him to help her benefit one crore worth cash as advance. Jitu tells her she is a brief representative so giving her credit that too this much will be against their organization’s strategy so he can’t help her now. Katha blows up and miserable. Jitu questions her why she want this much sum as a credit as she don’t have guardians and carrying on with her existence as a solitary lady. Is there anybody from her family is wiped out or something to that effect. Katha becomes quiet. She then, at that point, powers a grin and lets Jitu know that she is in a difficult situation that is the reason she requested that he assist her with getting credit nothing else. Jitu apologizes likewise favors her and vows to help her once she turns into a super durable employee.

Katha Ankahee

Katha gets a call and she asks the other individual on the line to give her a one crore credit as opposed to tormenting her with continous calls. The individual on the other line asks her is she needs money or check stunning Katha. The individual then, at that point, presents himself as Mr.Anirudh Verma who is adversary of Viaan’s organization. He requests that Katha meet him in his office as it isn’t over thirty minutes drive. Katha becomes puzzled. Anirudh illuminates Vivek that Katha will be here soon. Later Katha comes to Anirudh’s office and acquaints her self with Vivek. Anirudh comes there and commendations Katha for her work. He extends to her an employment opportunity that too as a main originator. Katha gets astounded. Anirudh and Vivek further discussions about her compensation additionally tells her that she dont even need to get credit by any means and feel powerless like at this point. Katha stays quiet. Anirudh tells that he realizes she is a transitory worker in Viaan’s organization and she is needing cash which he will give dissimilar to Viaan. Katha protects Viaan and his organization. She then, at that point, asks Anirudh consequently the thing he is anticipating from her. Anirudh and Vivek tells her they need her Dubai project thoughts stunning Katha.

Katha Ankahee Latest Spoiler Alerts 14th December 2022

Anirudh signs the really look at worth one crore and gives it to Katha. Katha reviews whatever occurred. She then returns the check to Anirudh. She likewise says many individuals depending in this undertaking she can’t smash their fantasies for her self centered reasons. Anirudh encourages her to put her necessities first. Katha rejects and expresses gratitude toward him then, at that point, leaves. When she comes out she recalls all that occurred and shouts. She then calls Nishant and argues him to assist her with getting one crore as she harldly have five days time. She then, at that point, gets a call from Jenny so she races to the workplace. Viaan discovers that somebody from the organization is giving data to his opponent due to which he is nearly losing the Dubai project. Ieshaan and Jitu attempts to quiet down yet Viaan looks incensed. Katha goes into the room all of a sudden Viaan tells the person who gave data to Anirudh should be from their center division. Katha looks on.

Precap: Mrs.Agarwal comes to meet Aarav. Aarav gets cheerful seeing her. The two of them embraces each other joyfully. Reet tells her significant other her, her child will be the sole successor to the Agarwal’s. Later Nishant recommends Katha to take help utilizing online entertainment stage so the last option records a video looking for public’s assistance for Aarav’s treatment.

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