Katha Ankahee 15th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Katha Ankahee Written Update 15th December 2022

The episode begins with Viaan tells Ieshaan and Jitu somebody from the center group giving data to their competition. Katha goes into the room. Viaan asks her what is this. He then requests that Jitu figure out who is behind this and with no clarification. He don’t need such individuals in his organization. Jitu obliges and leaves the spot. Viaan asks Katha for what good reason she is here. Katha lets him know that he is the person who needed to meet her. Viaan educates her concerning their Dubai legacy project next gathering the following day. He requests that she send the subtleties. Katha illuminates him that she previously sent the subtleties in the first part of the day. Ieshaan takes a gander at Viaan and signs that he doesn’t saw the mail. Viaan values Katha for her work. Katha guarantees Viaan about the following day meeting will happen according to his assumptions. Viaan gestures OK and gets going in his work.

Written Update Katha Ankahee Today Episode

Katha moves towards Viaan. Ieshaan sees Katha is fretful so asks her is everything fine. Katha says OK then, at that point, leaves the room briskly. Viaan sees Katha’s way of behaving and sees her going out from his room. Later Katha is occupied in her office works. Aarav tells her that he will have lollypop. Katha reminds him about specialist’s recommendation and says no. Aarav enlightens Katha that he is talking regarding the doggy she brought her home a few days ago which he named as lollypop. He then grumbles to lollypop that Katha is occupied in her office work even subsequent to getting back from that point and recommends Katha to avoid any work as she isn’t in office as her supervisor won’t see it. Katha advices Aarav to never swindle in his life regardless of what the circumstance is and requests that he guarantee her the equivalent. Aarav lashes out yet guarantees her. He then begins acting hyper which causes him to feel feeble. Katha gets stressed. She takes him in her arms and asks him not to carry on like this as he ought to be in his energy save mode for few additional days. She then tells Aarav she completed her work so presently they can invest energy together.Nishant calls Katha and recommends her about swarm financing as she can take help from outsider’s. Katha gets content with Nishant’s idea. However, she chooses to see whether she can really ready to find support. Opposite side Reet reprimands her significant other Yuvaraj and says that Mrs.Agarwal went to meet Katha. She took a family bangle with her to give it to Katha. Yuvaraj requests that Reet not to stress since his dad tossed Katha out so she must choose between limited options to remain neither her child in this house. Reet tells that she won’t stress assuming Mrs.Agarwal will meet Katha yet she will meet her child Aarav. She won’t allow Katha’s child to turn into this house main beneficiary. This family’s successor ought to be her youngster just and looks on. Opposite side Katha investigates online entertainment website and finds out about Prescription champion club. She gets confident hearing a lady’s declaration about her kid get treated and alive at this point. She chooses to take their assistance. Meawhile Reet goes to Mr.Agarwal with Yuvaraj close by. She asks him is Mrs.Agarwal reached him yet. He asks Reet where she went. Reet acts and says that she has seen Mrs.Agarwal crying embracing Aditya’s photograph. She then took something from the lockup and told her she is going out will get back soon. She further adds that she thinks Mrs.Agarwal went to meet Katha and tells Mr.Agarwal that Katha might exploit Mrs.Agarwal’s honesty. Mr.Agarwal gets enraged and looks on.

Katha Ankahee

Katha opens the entryway and tracks down Mrs.Agarwal very close to home. The last option advises her that she needs to meet her grandson. She demands Katha to let her meet. Katha reviews Mr.Agarwal’s words and falters first however at that point permits her inside. Aarav comes there. Katha acquaints them both with one another. Aarav asks Katha is she coming clean that Mrs.Agarwal is his granny which makes both Katha and Mrs.Agarwal grin. Katha lets him know Mrs.Agarwal is to be sure his grandma. Aarav gets blissful and embraces her joyfully. He asks her for what good reason she didn’t come to meet him this while and says Katha requested that he set up a gift for the relatives who will ultimately comes to meet him and heads inside. He then comes infront of Mrs.Agarwal and begins singing a puja melody which makes the last close to home. Mrs.Agarwal acclaims Katha for her childhood. Aarav takes Mrs.Agarwal with him to meet his pup lollypop. He asks lollypop to do handshake and when it doesn’t oblige he becomes hyper and faces breating issues. Katha quiets him down while Mrs.Agarwal gets worried.

Katha Ankahee Latest Spoiler Alerts 15th December 2022

Aarav guarantees Mrs.Agarwal about his recuperation by discussing his enchanted treatment which will occur in soon. Opposite side Ieshaan looks at the two his and Viaan’s beverages decision. He likewise commends Katha for her endeavors and advises Viaan to see the value in her. Viaan lets him know there are such countless individuals in the business who can be like Shamita so he maintains that Katha should make him vulnerable with her reliability and acquire his trust. Ieshaan derides at Viaan. Katha requests that Aarav go inside taking lollypop to his room as the two of them are drained. Aarav obliges and heads inside. Mrs.Agarwal starts to sob uncontrollably and says this is uncalled for that she lost her child and her grandson in this condition however she can ready to do nothing to help her. She likewise asks whether she organized cash for Aarav’s clinical treatment. Katha lets Mrs.Agarwal know that she won’t allow anything to happen to Aarav. She has confidence in God and make every effort to save Aarav likewise Aarav has no other choice except for battle against his disease and looks on.

Precap: Katha have a discussion over a call with Drug hero club individuals and says that she presented every one of the records. Later Katha’s companion chastens Katha for asking help from the general population and reminds her about the falsehood she advised in their organization to join there. Viaan and his mom sees the Drug champion club page in friendly media.

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