Kumkum Bhagya 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 14th December 2022

The episode begins with Vikram telling Ranbir that they ought to check his fortune and says there may be a Dosh in his fortune. Ranbir says there is no Dosh in his fortune and prods his loved ones. Pallavi flies off the handle and hits Ranbir on his arm. Ranbir objections to Vikram that Pallavi is hitting on his arm. Vikram sees that there is no imprints on the arm. Vikram and the Kohli family joke on one another. Ranbir says he is appreciative to have this sort of family that loves him to such an extent. The specialist comes and requests that they leave and give rest to the patient. Pallavi thanks the specialist for saving Ranbir’s life. Specialist says to thank somebody she ought to say thanks to Prachi and says the amount Prachi attempted to save Ranbir and how solid their affection for each other.

Written Update Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode

Pallavi emerges from Ranbir’s room and reviews what the medical caretaker said that assuming anybody saved Ranbir today it is Prachi. Pallavi likewise reviews the thing the specialist said about Prachi and says on the off chance that they presented to him a moment late, Ranbir would have been dead.Vikram inquires as to whether all is Well. Prachi says OK. Vikram inquires as to whether she got every one of the medications. Prachi says OK. Prachi reviews what Rhea said and faults her for Ranbir’s circumstance today. Prachi goes to give medication to Ranbir. Pallavi sees that Rhea is no place in the hospital.

Kumkum Bhagya

Prachi gives meds to Specialist. She battles with Ranbir. Pallavi opens the entryway. Specialist inquires as to whether they are recently hitched as they are battling and grinning toward the end. Ranbir says it’s occurring from quite a while. Pallavi thinks she misjudged Prachi and this Rhea battled to meet Ranbir however when she can, don’t have the foggiest idea where she went. Specialist requests that Prachi head outside. Pallavi says to allow Prachi to remain with Ranbir as he has a good sense of safety with her. The specialist concurs and says Prachi has sorcery. Vikram feels blissful seeing the adjustment of Pallavi. Pallavi requests that Prachi deal with Ranbir until he improves. Prachi concurs. Pallavi emerges. Vikram says I love you Pallavi and I’m so glad for you. Pallavi asks what she did it to do right by him. Vikram says I realize you know it and you’re feeling abnormal paying attention to the appreciation. Pallavi says you realize it so doesn’t say it. She leaves.

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Spoiler Alerts 14th December 2022

Ranbir asks Prachi what wizardry she did on Pallavi. Prachi says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea about any wizardry and asks him how is he feeling. Ranbir says he loves to see her anxiety for him. Prachi is going to contend. He stops her. Ranbir questions how is she doing Sid in that old house. Prachi attempts to redirect the point yet Ranbir doesn’t tune in. Prachi says would rather not discuss it. Ranbir asks her for what reason? Ranbir requests that she leave to respond to him. Prachi says she doesn’t tune in as Pallavi gave her obligation. Ranbir says it’s anything but an agreement and requests that she leave. Nurture comes there. Ranbir requests that the Attendant deal with him.

Vikram lets Pallavi know that she accomplished something useful by giving Ranbir’s liability to Prachi and nobody can deal with him like Prachi. Pallavi says that is false and there is one who can take great consideration of Ranbir however as of now Prachi is sincerely associated with Ranbir. Alia and Rhea hear it. Pallavi says accept it as a prize to Prachi. Vikram acclaims Pallavi. He says Prachi is good for Ranbir and you know it as well. He leaves. Rhea defies Pallavi about how she gave Rambir’s liability to Prachi. Pallavi tells Alia that she would rather not converse with Rhea. Alia asks whats the matter. Pallavi says Rhea isn’t there to meet Ranbir.

Pallavi shares with Rhea that she at times feels her anxiety and care are excessively phony to her. Rhea attempts to tell her adaptation. Pallavi requests that she not advise reasons and advises her to deal with Ranbir in the event that she can like Prachi. Sye leaves. Alia tells Rhea that Pallavi has upheld her however today it didn’t seem to be that and shares with Rhea they need to make up a contingency plan. They leave. Alia sees somebody through the glass entryway. She sends Rhea and goes into the room. She covers the individual on the bed with a Blanket.

Episode ends.

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