Kumkum Bhagya 15th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 15th December 2022

The episode begins with Specialist entering Ranbir’s ward. He inquires as to whether all is great. Ranbir says nothing is alright and requests that he release him. The specialist says they can’t release him now. Ranbir requests that he get Prachi far from him. Specialist inquires as to whether they battled. Rhea comes there. Ranbir says Prachi isn’t his significant other. The specialist grins and says he did likewise with his significant other when they battled yet don’t call somebody who comes here as your better half. Rhea says it’s reality and I’m his better half. Prachi requests that she not start once more. Ranbir asks Prachi what issue she has with his better half. He lets Rhea know that he missed her and asks where is she. Rhea embraces him and says she didn’t be able to meet him. Prachi asks Specialist when they can release Ranbir. The specialist says tomorrow first thing. Prachi shares with Ranbir we should meet in the first part of the day and leaves. Ranbir remembers to hang tight for the following day.

Written Update Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode

Sid implodes in tears. He feels regretful for utilizing Prachi to save her sister. That time he sees Alia taking oblivious Mihika in a wheelchair. Sid begs Alia to leave her sister. Alia hooligan cones there and takes Mihika with him tossing Sid. Alia cautions him to help out them in any case proceed to let your pack and even know if they find Mihika then she will go up quite early in life and you folks will be faulted for her homicide. Sid feels helpless.The following day, Shahana illuminates Prachi that Mihika is captured once more. Prachi says it’s the ideal opportunity for them to uncover reality to everybody. That time they hear a calling chime sound. Shahana requests that Prachi open the entryway with a grin. Prachi opens the entryway. She lashes out seeing Rhea. Ranbir comes inside with his folks. Ranbir calls Rhea. He tells his folks Rhea will deal with him. He requests that Rhea take him to his room. Rhea concurs. Prachi feels envious. Aryan requests that he leave in the wake of taking medication. Prachi says she will give him. Ranbir requests that Rhea give him. Rhea concurs and takes the drugs. Prachi says she will get ready food and leaves. Shahana, Aryan, Pallavi, and Vikram examine about Ranbir’s change. Rhea is happy to the point bursting and she remembers to win Ranbir by making his morning meal. She requests that Aryan take Ranbir inside and lets him know that she will set up his tiffin. Ranbir says he loves to taste it. Aryan takes Ranbir.

Kumkum Bhagya

Shahana inquires as to whether she knows cooking. Rhea says she understands better compared to Prachi. Rhea cuts natural products. Prachi says natural products are not set in the sandwich so leave it as I’m planning for him. Rhea says you’re desirous reasoning he might like my food more than you. She requests that she end her frailties. Prachi says it’s not regarding food and lets Rhea know that whatever is mine will be mine so acknowledge reality. Rhea says it is until yesterday, everything changed when he embraced me. Prachi says you don’t have any idea why he is furious and what occurred. Rhea says I would try and prefer not to be aware. She cautions Prachi to not upset her and plans Sandwiches.

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Spoiler Alerts 15th December 2022

Prachi and Rhea get ready sandwiches and take them to Ranbir. Ranbir says Prachi’s veg Sandwich isn’t great and eats Rhea’s organic product sandwich despite the fact that it’s awful. Ranbir inquires as to whether he can call her Yaar. Rhea concurs. Prachi says she really wants to switch off the oven and leaves. Ranbir sends Rhea to get him dark espresso. Ranbir tells Pallavi that Rhea’s sandwich is the most awful and tosses it. Pallavi asks what he eats. Ranbir says he eats Prachi’s one. He requests that she let Prachi know that she ate it. Pallavi inquires as to why he is playing mind games. Ranbir says it’s required as Prachi is getting hitched to Sid. Rhea hears it and thinks Happy Ranbir acknowledged reality that Prachi will be Sid’s wife.

Prachi vents her dissatisfaction to Shahana. Shahana says Ranbir is making you desirous to realize the things you’re stowing away from him so it’s great assuming that you come clean with him. Prachi requests that she quit supporting Ranbir and leaves. Shahana sees Aryan feeling stressed. Pallavi accepts Alia’s call that Pandit came. Pallavi goes to meet him. Aryan goes to Ranbir and lets him know that he confounded his life. Ranbir asks what occurred. Aryan says Mili loves me and I love Shaha. Ranbir says it’s Shahana, right? Shahana comes there and asks what occurred. Ranbir requests that Aryan concede reality. Aryan reproves him and leaves. Shahana asks Ranbir what was the deal? Ranbir shares with Shalu that something happened to him that happened to him all along. Shahana asks Ranbir what is he referring to? Ranbir says there isn’t anything and says he needs to go. Ranbir leaves the room.

Vikram sees Pandit discussing a favorable time with Pallavi and Alia. Vikram asks Pandit what is he doing here? Pandit shares with Vikram to get some information about it. Vikram asks Pallavi what is Pandit doing here? Pallavi says she believes that should do the marriage of Sid and Prachi as soon as could really be expected. Vikram gets some information about it. Ranbir heard Pallavi and Vikram discussing Sid and Prachi’s marriage.

Episode ends.

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