Kumkum Bhagya 19th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 19th December 2022

The episode begins with Prachi in tears thinking it is past the point of no return now to stop the marriage, tomorrow is the wedding. She wipes her tears. Ranbir comes there and believes effectively stop the marriage is past the point of no return. Prachi and Ranbir review their minutes with one another. Later Prachi dreams of Alia strongly causing her to get hitched to Sid. She awakens from the bad dream and chooses to take off from the house to stop the marriage. She packs her gear and emerges. Ranbir stands up to Prachi on the off chance that she is going out or taking off from reality. Prachi says it’s her life and she can choose for her life. Ranbir says you’re thinking for yourself and he requests that Prachi think for her child prior to doing sin. Prachi requests that he quit talking without knowing her circumstance. Ranbir asks how might he know what is happening. Prachi says you can understand me however it’s vanished so don’t bother discussing it as you lose the right and did many sins. Ranbir says your acts of kindness safeguard me as our fate is associated and they can’t be isolated. Prachi embraces him and says she is terrified. Ranbir solaces her.

Written Update Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode

Rhea sees Ranbir and Prachi’s embrace. She upsets their second. Ranbir lets Rhea know that he is clearing up for Prachi to not take off from the house. Rhea says Prachi cannot leave from confronting reality yet appears as though you’re right seeing her with gear. Ranbir is going to say something. Prachi stops him and says she will respond to her. Prachi says she will do this marriage. Rhea requests that she quit talking like she is helping out for them. She reminds Prachi that she needs to wed Sid on the grounds that she is conveying Sid’s child. Prachi expresses stress over your child and this marriage will change such countless things. She says she will do this marriage and will see who prevents her from doing this marriage. She tells Rhea challenge acknowledged and goes inside with her gear. Ranbir leaves.Rhea contemplates why she is feeling frightened. She lets herself know that Prachi is feigning. Prachi cries in her room. Shahana comes there and asks what occurred. Prachi tells how Ranbir halted her when she is attempting to take off from the house. Shahana guarantees Prachi that everything gets settled. Prachi makes statements will not get settled until I illuminate reality to Ranbir however it’s confounded. Shahana requests that Prachi retaliate to settle everything. Prachi concurs and embraces her.

Kumkum Bhagya

The following day, Visitors say Rangoli is an indication of such. Ranbir ruins it. Pallavi sees it. Ranbir attempts to set the rangoli. Pallavi comes to help him. Ranbir asks won’t she resents him. Pallavi says she grasps his aggravation. Pallavi lets Ranbir know that when he sees Prachi and Sid content with their youngster numerous years after the fact then he will likewise be cheerful, as he generally needed Prachi’s satisfaction. He looks on. She requests that he set everything. She goes to take care of visitors. Ranbir chooses to live with Prachi’s memories.

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Spoiler Alerts 19th December 2022

Prachi prepares in a marriage outfit. Rhea comes to Prachi and praises her look. Prachi attempts to say something. Rhea requests that she not give her examples. Prachi attempts to leave. Rhea requests that she tune in. Prachi says she would rather not converse with her and says she will converse with the one she imparts her life to. Rhea says it very well may be Sid. Rhea says how about we play the game like ludo. She says Sid, Ranbir, and you and me will follow through with something, but this game will be between you and me. Rhea requests that she acknowledge the game. Prachi turns. Rhea says I’m winning so compliment me as your game is over.

Episode ends.

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