Kundali Bhagya 12th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 12th December 2022

Episode starts with Rishabh slaps Arjun. Arjun advises Rishabh that now is the ideal time to pay for how they managed Karan. Rishabh cautions him to not express a word against Preeta and Karan. Arjun says that all that will be changed in the forthcoming 7 days and he will wed Preeta. Rishabh holds Arjun’s collar. Arjun says that he will grab everything from Rishabh. Anjali hears everything. Then again, Rakhi lets Mahesh know that she comprehended that Arjun likes them like family members.

Written Update Kundali Bhagya Today Episode

Preeta lets Rishabh know that she previously let him know that it’s loss to converse with Arjun. She takes him from that point. Afterward, Preeta goes into her room indignantly. Rishabh discovers that Rakhi dozed as of now. Preeta asks Rishabh that for what reason Arjun took Karan’s name. Rishabh tells her that Arjun is frantic and he was plastered as well. She lets him know that it’s not first time. She feels baffled that Arjun took Karan’s name. He advises Preeta that tomorrow Arjun will come to apologize. He says that Arjun can attempt the amount he needs however he will lose.Meanwhile, Anjali makes Arjun set down on the bed. She reviews that how Arjun said he will wed Preeta soon. She pours water all over. He comes to detect and asks her that what’s going on with she. She tells Arjun everything. She says that Arjun demolished everything and she admonishes him. She requests that he obliterate Luthra business. She lets him know that now Rishabh will remain alert. Arjun chooses to converse with Luthras. She requests that he rest in visitor room and leaves from there.

Kundali Bhagya

Next day, Mahesh gets inquisitive to understand what happened yesterday night. Rishabh comes ground floor. Rakhi asks Rishabh that what occurred in Arjun’s home. Rishabh reviews Arjun’s test. Preeta feels that they shouldn’t come clean to Luthras. Arjun comes there. He reviews that how Anjali advised him to obliterate Rishabh. Rishabh reviews that what occurred in Arjun’s house.

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Rakhi gets cheerful seeing Arjun and says that appears as though all is in the middle among Arjun and Rishabh. Arjun says that he came to discuss yesterday night. Preeta accepts that Arjun came to apologize. She lets him know that she will not excuse him. He tells her that he recollect that he said he will wed her. Everybody gets stunned hearing him.

Arjun says that he needn’t bother with their statement of regret. Rishabh requests that Arjun leave. Preeta says that she previously said that Arjun is a terrible individual. Kritika and Srishti chastens Arjun. Rishabh says that he will not endure Arjun in his home. Kareena asks Arjun that how might he discuss wedding another person’s significant other. Rakhi lets Arjun know that she confided in him the most yet he crossed every one of the cutoff points. Rishabh calls Safety officers. Preeta asks Safety officers to toss Arjun out of the house. Arjun requests that she not shout since he assumed control over the security organization. He says that he will grab everything from Rishabh inside a week.

Episode ends.

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