Kundali Bhagya 15th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 15th December 2022

Episode starts with Anjali asks Arjun that for what reason he gave open test to Luthras. Arjun advises her that he will battle up close and personal. She lets him know that he shouldn’t have done that. He inquires as to whether she will uphold him or not. She lets him know that she will uphold and asks what’s his arrangement. He says that he will remind Preeta about the marriage and that will influence her. She lets him know that she is with him in all things. Then again, Rishabh reviews every one of the episodes which includes Arjun and Preeta. He imagines that Preeta cautioned about Arjun in every case except he overlooked that. He comprehends that Arjun’s objective was Preeta since beginning.

Written Update Kundali Bhagya Today Episode

Arjun gets columnist Sandeep’s number from Anjali. He lets Anjali know that he will focus on Rishabh’s business and insult Rishabh. In the mean time, Rishabh really looks at the documents. He says that he would rather not face any issue. Mahesh guarantees him that they never committed any error. Rishabh lets him know that human blunders and specialized mistakes are normal. He says that he realize Arjun will go after their business to broke their certain. Mahesh inquires as to whether the last option is certain. Rishabh lets him know that he know Arjun quite well. He says that he will show a thing or two to Arjun in light of the fact that Arjun abused their kindness.Preeta awakens around midnight. She contacts her temple and switch on the light. Rishabh comes there and tells her that he can figure out that what she is going through. He faults himself for everything. She requests that he not fault himself. She says that they ought to fail to remember that terrible occurrence. He requests that she not stress on the grounds that nobody can see her like this. She misses Karan. Arjun imagines that he feels incredible that he will rebuff Rishabh and Preeta for how they managed him. He educates himself that he don’t mind concerning Preeta. He sees that he is crying unknowingly.

Kundali Bhagya

Next day, Preeta requests that Rishabh eat. Rishabh tells her that he know what is happening so he needs to follow through with something. Mahesh prepares to leave for office. Rishabh says that they ought to remain alert on the grounds that Arjun can go after their business and family whenever. Preeta says that Arjun can do anything. Rishabh concurs that Arjun can stoop any low. Dadi recommends to go after first. Rakhi says that they shouldn’t go after Arjun.

Kundali Bhagya Latest Spoiler Alerts 15th December 2022

Priyanka asks Anjali that for what reason the last option isn’t angry at Arjun. Anjali tells her that she like Arjun so much and she comprehends him as well. Priyanka requests that she not let Arjun wed Preeta. Also, imagine a scenario in which Preeta and Arjun succumbed to one another. Anjali lets her that know that is not possible.

Rakhi says that she need to perceive the number of errors Arjun that will make. She adds that she can’t stand Arjun. Rishabh tells her that she is mother so she is saying like this. He says that they can’t keep quiet after what Arjun did yesterday.

Episode ends.

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