Main Hoon Aparajita 13th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 13th December 2022

The episode begins with Aparajita seeing her kids through the rearview reflect. Asha and Nia quarrel about tunes. Aparajita requests that they not act like kindergarten kids. She asks Chavi for what valid reason she is quiet. Chavi doesn’t say anything. Disha says Asha and Nia are not allowing Chavi to talk. She requests that they play party tunes as affection is garbage. Asha says Disha has barely any insight into adoration. Aparajita says love is delightful on the off chance that we succumb to the right individual and it turned into a wreck assuming the individual is some unacceptable one. Chavi looks on. Aparajita asks Disha how much longer. Disha says 60 minutes. Aparajita thinks trusts Rithika is fine and I find her at home so I can figure out everything about Go. She remembers to make Chavi and others occupied in one place.

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

Aparajita drops Chavi, Nia, and Asha at a touring place. She lets them know that she will meet her client and takes Disha with her. Nia gets the call and she goes aside to take care of the call. Chavi misses Go. Asha inquires as to whether she needs to converse with Go. Chavi says OK yet I don’t break my guarantee to Mother. Akshay on stand by asks Nia for what reason they halted in the center. He says at any rate it’s great I’m coming and stay quiet about it. Nia concurs and cuts the call. Mohini comes there. Akshay tells her he isn’t in that frame of mind to battle with her. Mohini lets him know she can’t survive without him. Akshay says I left my family for you 15 years back I’m still with you however I need to draw nearer to my children so kindly comprehend. Mohini requests that he leave. Akshay gets confounded and inquires as to whether she is fine. She concurs and sends him. She thinks the controller is with her of them. She illuminates somebody on the call that Akshay left.Aparajita and Disha arrive at Rithika’s home. They notice it shut for a long time seeing the condition of the house. A few men come there and asks where are they. Aparajita says they came to meet Rithika. He says they haven’t arrived after the episode that happened last year and first police came then some gundas. Aparajita and Disha ask where they went. He says don’t have the foggiest idea how they are missing yet it’s connected with Rithika’s undertaking with a compelling man’s son.

Main Hoon Aparajita

Veer is going to take off from the house. Go’s mother stops him and requests that he not recurrent his mix-up with Rithika to Chavi. The elderly person tells Aparajita that Rithika is missing then her father ended it all and his more youthful little girl left from here. Aparajita inquires as to whether he has any photographs of Rithika and her loved ones. He concurs and goes to get the photographs of local area parties. Go compromises his mom to not stop him. She says Aparajita won’t leave assuming you did anything wrong to Chavi like Rithika. Aparajita tells Disha that don’t have the foggiest idea what occurred with Rithika that her father ended it all and Go is behind It so we want to make Chavi avoid him. Go chokes his mother. She pushes him. She says I pardon you as your mother yet in the event that Chavi sees your resentment, she will leave you. Go says Chavi simply has a place with him and he leaves without paying attention to her. Chavi thinks Go will demonstrate to her mother that he is best for her. The elderly person shows Rithika’s family photograph to Aparajita. Aparajita inquires as to whether they can take Rithika’a photograph. The elderly person concurs. Disha says they need to illuminate Chavi about it. Aparajita says let us complete our visit then we can look through Rithika to make Chavi know the truth of Chavi. Disha says Go is risky so we really want to alarm Chavi. She doesn’t pay attention to Aparajita and goes to illuminate Chavi.

Main Hoon Aparajita Latest Spoiler Alerts 13th December 2022

Veer calls Manish and demands him to send him the area of Chavi. Mohini imparts the Nia area to Manish. Manish sends it to Go. Go gets it and figures he won’t allow anybody to isolate her from him. Nia, Chavi and Asha partake in the lake view. Chavi says where are mother and Disha. Disha comes there and calls Chavi. Chavi asks Disha for what reason she looks strained. Disha says she needs to tell her something.

Episode ends.

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