Main Hoon Aparajita 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 14th December 2022

The episode begins with Aparajita and others seeing Chavi is missing. They look for her. That time they hear Chavi’s yelling sound. They race to the side where the voice comes from. They see Chavi gets stunned seeing Ustad and Sasha. Ustad does his demonstration. Sasha shows live from the spot to Mohini with assistance of a mysterious satchel camera. Aparajita asks Ustad and Sasha who are they. Ustad and Sasha present themselves. Akshay comes there and uncovers he got them. Aparajita asks what’s he doing here.

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

Akshay says he is missing children so came here to invest energy with them. He says Ustad and Sasha meet him on the way. Aparajita gets some information about their area. Nia tells she informed him and he is in contact with her. Disha gets stunned. Akshay shares with Aparajita that he will leave in the event that she could do without it and tells her that he just came to invest energy with his kids. Nia and Chavi beg Aparajita to permit Akshay. Akshay says how about we begin casting a ballot. Nia, Chavi, and Asha vote in favor of Akshay. Akshay feels blissful. Aparajita attempts to say something however Ustad redirects them with his sorcery. Everybody grins. Ustad figures his work will start.Manish acclaims Mohini’s arrangement. Mohini says Ustad and Sasha will change Aparajita’s story. She reviews how she met Ustad and requested that he mesmerize Aparajita and others until Go takes Chavi with him. Ustad denies it yet Mohini offers him an enormous sum so he consented to carry out her arrangement. She shows him everybody’s photographs. She requests that he treat Akshay and Nia cautiously. Mohini says Everybody will be captivated by Ustad when Go goes there. Manish asks what’s the assurance that Go weds Chavi right away. Mohini says he will wed her as we will make Go wed Chavi. Go drives the vehicle in anger.

Main Hoon Aparajita

Ustad begins his enchanted show. Aparajita, Akshay and their youngsters appreciate it. Aparajita says they need to begin for Rishikesh. Akshay contends with her and says let kids have fun. Ustad gets a call from Mohini that Go will arrive at in an hour and requests that he stop Aparajita and her youngsters until Go comes there. Ustad chooses to entrance them. He requests that Aparajita and Akshay end their contentions. Ustad begins his next round of wizardry. While doing sorcery Ustad mesmerizes everybody with his spell and makes them under his influence. Ustad clicks his finger. Everybody emerges from their spellbinding state. Sasha inquires as to whether he spellbinds them once more. Ustad says I gave them secret spell words and they come out when we say it. Ustad says they can begin their game once they get affirmation from Mohini. On rge wat, Go thinks he is coming to make Chavi his forever.

Main Hoon Aparajita Latest Spoiler Alerts 14th December 2022

Episode ends.

The episode begins with Disha telling Chavi that she needs to tell her something. Disha shares with Chavi that they dashed while coming here so she is drained and their mother isn’t worn out. Disha reviews how Aparajita caused her to comprehend that Chavi is blameless so she will stand up to Go about Rithika which will caution him and he might hurt Rithika as well so we should not illuminate Chavi until we track down Rithika. Aparajita inquires as to whether they are partaking in the spot. Nia says it’s benefit. Aparajita inquires as to whether they eat puri. Nia asks how. Aparajita requests that Disha get things from the vehicle. Nia goes with Disha to help her. Akshay sees Aparajita and his youngsters are still in a similar area. He sends a voice message to Nia to remain there until he comes and goes along with them. Manish shares with Mohini we send Go behind them and what might be said about our other arrangement. Mohini says cool, one more arrangement is begun with Akshay.

Some woman comes before Akshay’s vehicle. Akshay stops the vehicle and admonishes her for coming before his vehicle. She demands Akshay to drop her close to the transport stand as the Carnival show won’t begin without her. Akshay sees the course guide and tells her that he is changing course. She begs him to help them so they will not lose their employment. Akshay asks who’s another. A joker individual comes there and solicitations him through signs.

Disha, Nia, and Asha mess around. Chavi reviews Go’s solicitation. She lets Aparajita know that she switched off the telephone yet feels unusual reasoning imagine a scenario where contrasts raise among her and Go. Aparajita says it’s the trial of adoration and on the off chance that your affection is valid, turning off the telephone causes no issue. Akshay consents to give them life. The joker individual says thanks to him and takes a selfie with Akshay. He sends the photograph to Mohini. Aparajita requests that the Kids come and eat. Nia says another game. She requests that they play find the stowaway. Disha says you’re not a youngster. Nia says she never played it in childhood.

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