Main Hoon Aparajita 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 16th December 2022

The episode begins with Aparajita asking Akshay what befell him and for what valid reason would he say he is doing this? Akshay says he needs to toss her behind bars. Akshay pulls the chain of the snare. Asha and Disha hear the voice of Aparajita. Disha and Asha request that Akshay leave Aparajita however he simply drives them away. Aparajita asks Akshay what’s happening with he? Akshay says he has toss her behind bars. Mohini sees the tab with Manish and says no one but he can get Akshay out of mesmerized state. Manish advises Mohini to call Nia. Mohini couldn’t arrive at Nia.

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

Disha and Asha attach Akshay with a plant rope. Disha attempts to assist Aparajita with escaping the house trap. Disha faults Akshay and asks him for what valid reason did he come into their lives. Aparajita says it isn’t Akshay’s shortcoming and requests that Disha take a gander at Akshay’s eyes and says he is in a daze. Aparajita thinks she really wants to drive him crazy with the goal that he will escape daze. Aparajita questions Akshay on for what reason did he come into their lives and says they are her little girls and not his little girls. Akshay blows up with Aparajita’s words and escapes daze. Akshay asks Aparajita what occurred and for what reason is he restricted. Aparajita sees that Akshay is out of a daze and requests that Asha loosen Akshay. Asha loosens Akshay. Akshay asks what happened?Disha says he is going to toss Aparajita behind bars. Akshay gets some information about? Aparajita clarifies for Akshay what he did in his daze. Akshay says he was unable to review whatever occurred. Aparajita requests that Akshay leave it. Akshay says this creature trap won’t get opened this way. He requests that the young ladies track down a stone. Akshay says “kindly assistance me.”Asha reviews what the joker said and falls oblivious. Aparajita attempts to awaken Asha and asks Disha for water. Disha hearing “water “falls oblivious. Aparajita requests that Akshay do something.

Main Hoon Aparajita

Veer comes and embraces Chavi and says she is just his and says he won’t permit her to be any other individual. Go says” I love you”. Chavi reviews the thing the joker said about being I love you her trigger word. Go asks Chavi where is Aparajita. Chavi remains quiet as she is in a daze. Go says he realizes that Aparajita believes her should wed another person. Go says he won’t permit that to occur and says they will wed today. Go requests that Chavi accompany her. Go grasps Chavi’s hand and takes her.

Main Hoon Aparajita Latest Spoiler Alerts 16th December 2022

Akshay attempts to get Aparajita out of the creature trap. Akshay attempts to incite Aparajita to empower her. Aparajita shares with Akshay that this trap won’t open like this and says they need to utilize a stone. Akshay accepts Aparajita’s recommendation and takes a stone and breaks the creature trap. Aparajita gets free out of creature trap. Aparajita asks Akshay where could Chavi be? Akshay says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea and says she may be where they left her.

Mohini calls Nia and inquires as to whether all is great there. Nia says all is well. Mohini requests that Nia make her discussion to Akshay. Nia concurs. Nia sees that Go is removing Chavi. Nia attempts to stop Go. Nia inquires as to whether she is going energetically with Go. Go asks Nia not to stop them and says Aparajita needs to wed Chavi to another person and says Chavi is simply going to be content with him as it were. Wander removes Chavi. Nia attempts to let Mohini know what occurred. Mohini hears all that occurred through the telephone. Mohini advices Nia not to in the middle among Chavi and Go as they love one another. Nia considers what would it be advisable for her she do.

Aparajita and Akshay while talking say the trigger expressions of Disha and Asha. Disha and Asha recapture their awareness in the wake of hearing it. Disha reviews the thing Asha said about the joker and goes to check it out.

Joker shares with his accessory that until the following hour they will be in a daze. His associate takes all the cash of Aparajita and places his things in their bag.

Veer removes Chavi in a vehicle. Disha shows the sack. Akshay asks Nia where could Chavi be? Nia says she may be close to the vehicle. Disha shares with Aparajita that Shasha and the joker took their cash and left news clippings about their work. After Akshay and Disha read the news cutting they comprehend that they have been entranced. Disha entire talking says the trigger expression of Aparajita for example mama. Disha sees that Aparajita isn’t answering and calls her again Ma.

Aparajita escapes the daze. Akshay says everybody is influenced quite a bit by and says everybody has a trigger word like Aparajita’s trigger word is Mama. Aparajita goes into daze. Disha rescues her once again from the daze by saying the trigger word Mama. Aparajita asks Nia where is Chavi saying she additionally may be mesmerized. Nia apologizes to Aparajita and says Wander removed Chavi. Nia tells Aparajita that she attempted to stop them yet Chavi went out with Go out willingly. Nia later reviews how Chavi acted and reaches the resolution that Chavi is in a daze. Aparajita thinks where could have Go taken Chavi? Akshay says he knows where Go took Chavi. Go carries Cahvi to an old sanctuary to wed her. Go tells Chavi that she will end up being his and says today is their marriage.

Episode ends

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