Main Hoon Aparajita 17th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 17th December 2022

The episode begins with Asha telling Aparajita that she is losing such a lot of blood from her injury. Aparajita says she is fine and says they need to track down Chavi first. Akshay stops Aparajita and requests that she act like Jhansi ki Rani constantly. He eliminates her shoe and says it’s expected to set your leg as your agony influences us all. He attaches a scarf to stop the blood. Aparajita asks how might they look for Chavi. Akshay says he has a way and looks for his telephone. Disha gives him his telephone and lets him know that it’s fallen close to the lake. Akshay expresses gratitude toward her. Disha asks how might he track down the specific area. Akshay uncovers how he made Nia place trackers in his child’s sacks for their wellbeing. Akshay sees Chavi in the sanctuary. Aparajita says why Go took her to the sanctuary and assuming that Go is behind this sleep induction. They race to the sanctuary. That time Nia accepts Mohini’s call. She goes to the call and says sorry mother as I told Chavi was with Go seeing every one of them in tense and we will look for her. Mohini gets angry.

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

Veer makes Chavi wear wedding chunri and performs puja with her. Mohini goes to Sunil’s home with shagun. Sunil tosses shagun and asks what’s going on. Mohini says your child went to get a girl regulation and he is wedding Chavi. Sunil says he won’t allow the union with occur. Aparajita and others reach to sanctuary area and quest for Chavi on all sides. Go hears Aparajita’s voice. He asks pandit to give him sindoor first. Pandit says first they need to take over as. Go doesn’t tune in and attempts to put sindoor on Chavi’s mang. Aparajita tosses Trishul at him. He falls to the side. Aparajita makes Chavi stand up and says Go got her here with assistance of spellbinding. Go says Chavi came here with her will. He tells Chavi he adores her. Chavi emerges from her entrancing in view of the watchword. She feels befuddled. Aparajita requests that he leave her girl. Go stops Aparajita. Akshay whips Go for crossing the cutoff points. Chavi ponders why Go got it done. She attempts to stop Akshay yet he didn’t pay attention to her. Go says he did no entrancing. Chavi chooses to mislead stop Akshay. She says she came to wed Go with her will. Everybody gets stunned. Akshay is taken aback.Aparajita asks Chavi for what valid reason is she lying. Chavi says she isn’t lying. Disha says we are completely entranced and Nia saw you in a spellbinding state. Nia says perhaps she got it wrong. Chavi says she is in her detects. She requests that Akshay trust her. Akshay goes up against Chavi about why she did it when he upheld her. Go says it’s all a direct result of Aparajita aunt and it’s all her preparation. Aparajita asks what arranging. Go says Aparajita is taking Chavi to Rishikesh to conclude her coalition. Aparajita says he is lying. Go says no and you generally dislike me. Disha says nobody needs you in their life, she tells Chavi that Go has past and had a sweetheart. Go says having a past is dead on. Disha is going to say something. Chavi says she would rather not have some familiarity with Go’s past. Aparajita thinks Go is shrewd so taking Rithika’s name is bad. She tells Chavi that Go is lying and actuating you against us. She attempts to take Chavi. Chavi stops Aparajita confiding in Go’s words. She defies Aparajita. Aparajita says they can talk later. Chavi says compelling reason need and nobody really focuses on my satisfaction aside from Father. Aparajita is shocked. She attempts to let Chavi know that she doesn’t know Go totally and your affections for Go is fascination not love and we realize you’re deceiving save Go. Chavi demands Akshay to cause her to get joy. Mohini comes there and says, obviously, he will cause you to get satisfaction. Everybody gets confused.

Main Hoon Aparajita

Episode ends.


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