Meet 12th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 12th December 2022

The episode begins with Barfi reporting to the Ahlawat family she currently claims all of the Ahlawat family property. The entire Ahlawat family gets dazed hearing this. Meet Ahlawat asks Raj what is she referring to? Barfi shows the records and says today is her day. Barfi says she will toss them out very much like they tossed her little girl out of this house.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Barfi says she came to get back at them. Meet says these records are phony. Raj additionally says these archives are phony. Barfi says she realizes they might have a hard time believing her that is the reason she brought a court request. Babita begins contending with Barfi. Raj requests that they quiet down. Meet Ahlawat tells Barfi that on the off chance that her child is here, he would have been embarrassed about her activities. Barfi says he offered grace on her little girl and child once that is the reason she isn’t tossing them out of this house at the present time and says they have 24 hrs to empty the house and requests that they do what they can.Meet Ahlawat takes the records and understands them. Meet additionally sees the archives alongside Meet Ahlawat. Barfi says she will bid farewell to them tomorrow.


Barfi sees the Ahlawat family board sign, she takes it off and is going to toss it on the ground yet Meet stops Barfi and takes the sign board back. Meet says this sign board is with the house. Barfi reminds the entire Ahlawat family that they have 24 hrs and provokes them to save themselves on the off chance that they would be able. Barfi leaves with the lawyer.

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Masum inquires as to whether they are truly going to take off from the house. Meet Ahlawat converses with his companion. Raj asks Meet Ahlawat what occurred. Meet Ahlawat says as Barfi got court orders they can’t stop her as she accompanied a court request. Raj reviews when he marked the archives when Barfi came to her. Raj faults himself for this present circumstance. Slam comes and reports to the Ahlawat family that they need to take off from the house. The Ahlawat family gets dazed hearing this. Smash says they can pursue in the court however he doesn’t have the foggiest idea when the court will run in support of themselves. Meet says for fabrication Barfi needs genuine archives and says how could she get the genuine records. Raj says he gave the records to Slam. Smash says he gave the reports to Barfi as she said she expected to show them to somebody. Slam apologizes to the Ahlawat family. Babita asks Smash for the number of errors that do they need to pardon him and reminds the missteps he made. Raj says this isn’t just Smash’s shortcoming and says it is additionally his issue. Raj says their family isn’t joined that is the reason Barfi took the risk and did this. Babita requests that Raj follow through with something or they will be on the road.

Ram asks Ragini he previously asked her for pardoning and asks Ragini what issue does she have. Ragini asks Slam where did his affection go when he was thinking her. Ragini says she can’t remain in this marriage any longer. Slam attempts to quiet Ragini down However Ragini says at whatever point they talk her response is the same.

Meet Ahlawat feels regretful as he was unable to prevent Barfi from taking their home. Meet solaces Meet Ahlawat and says now they need to think what are they going to do after they take off from this house. Meet Ahlawat says he previously conversed with Raj about this and says they will remain in a leased house subsequent to leaving from here. Meet solaces Meet Ahlawat.

Episode ends.

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