Meet 13th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 13th December 2022

The episode begins with Barfi doing Gruh Pravesh emblematically and insulting the Ahlawat family. Barfi sees that the Ahlawat family has gathered their sacks. Barfi insults the Ahlawat family saying they have proactively gathered their packs it implies they probably given their best for reclaim their home. Barfi requests that the Ahlawat family leave. The Ahlawat family reviews their minutes. Barfi says the maxim that a grimy fish dirties the entire lake. What’s more, alludes to Meet Hudda as the grimy fish. Barfi gives a decision to the Ahlawat family that on the off chance that they toss Meet Hudda out of their home, she will return this manor to them.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Barfi requests that Babita pursue a decision. Babita looks at Meet to a Goddess and says she would prefer to take Meet with her than toss her out of the house. Barfi blows up and yells at them to leave. Barfi additionally says she will totally obliterate this house in 5 days or less. Address hearing this difficulties that inside the following 5 days they will reclaim the entirety of their property. At the point when Duggu attempts to take his bat and ball. Barfi reclaims the bat and ball and expresses all that in this house has a place with her as per the law and asks them to leave.Duggu inquires as to whether they are truly going to take off from Raj’s home and where are they going to remain? Meet shares with Duggu about her home and welcomes the Ahlawat family to remain there. Raj agrees.


The entire Ahlawat family comes to Meet Hudda’s home. Meet welcomes them inside and says she will tidy up and get something for them. Babita reminds Meet the thing she said about this being their home additionally and says they will cooperate. Babita feels embarrassed about herself that once she didn’t acknowledge Meet as their girl in regulation. The neighbors come and welcome them. The neighbors take Duggu to meet with different kids in their area. Raj seeing this says now I comprehend how meets appreciate others. Meet asks Raj not to commend her like that. Meet says they need to plan how to overcome the Barfi. Meet Ahlawat says they need to go to the Register office to get the first reports. Meet agrees.

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Meet and Meet Ahlawat meet the Register official. The register official sees their reports and says this seems to be a fake. He says he will send the first archives to them. Endlessly meet Ahlawat thank the official and leave from there.

Babita is going to do the housework. Ragini prevents Babita from accomplishing the house work and says she will accomplish the house work. Babita praises Ragini and says she is thankful that she has a sister like her. Raj prods Babita and says men will accomplish the house work and requests that the women handle the kitchen. Babita and Ragini concur after some time. Raj gives a daily existence example to Smash and says anything can occur. Raj encourages Smash to attempt to draw near to Ragini’s heart again.

Meet Ahlawat comes to Meet Hudda’s home and tells the uplifting news to the Ahlawat family that they met the Register Official and he guaranteed them that he will track down their unique archives and give them to us. Meet Ahlawat says once they get the first records they can get back everything.

Episode ends.

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