Meet 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 14th December 2022

The episode begins with Meet Ahlawat imparting the uplifting news to his entire family that he met the Register official and says he guaranteed them that he would track down the first records and send them. Meet Ahlawat says once the first reports get into their hands then they can tackle the issue of their property also.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Meet Ahlawat and his family hear a declaration that the Ahlawat family will be sold in 5 days. Meet Ahlawat and the Ahlawat family goes to hear the declaration. Meet Ahlawat energizes the Ahlawat family saying once the Register official gives their unique records then their concerns will be settled. Simultaneously, the Register official comes to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat thinks the Register official came to give him the first papers and requests it. The register official insults Meet Ahlawat and says he was unable to conflict with Barfi Devi for themselves and says he won’t help them in any capacity. The broadcaster comes and reports again that Ahlawat manor will be sold in 5 days yet he doesn’t tune in. Meet Ahlawat blows up and mistreats him and cautions him and the Register official not to embarrass his loved ones. The register official shows the records wherein the public authority gave authorization for the Ahlawat family manor to be sold. Meet Ahlawat cautions the Register official and the broadcaster to stop this declaration and says The Ahlawat family manor won’t be sold. Meet undermines them to leave. Meet Ahlawat sends the broadcaster and Register official away from there.Meet pours water on Meet Ahlawat to chill him off. Meet cautions Meet Ahlawat to control his resentment. Meet Ahlawat says he have no control over his indignation and says he can’t see somebody embarrassing his loved ones. Meet says he will do something to Barfi Devi. Meet reminds Meet Ahlawat that Barfi Devi is playing a major event and for that they need to smoothly think. Meet requests that Meet Ahlawat guarantee that he will do nothing out of frustration. Meet Ahlawat doesn’t guarantee Meet and says he will do something to Barfi Devi.


Barfi Devi sends the video of Meet Ahlawat compromising the Register official to Raj. Raj sees the video. Barfi calls Raj and discusses the video with Raj. Barfi coerces Raj saying she will send the video to the police in the event that Meet or Meet Ahlawat attempts to stop the closeout. Raj calls the attorney and converses with him to lawfully make a move. The legal counselor asks Rs 200000 as his development for him to go about his responsibilities. Raj inquires as to whether he is asking the development. The Legal counselor says OK and reminds what is happening to him.

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Meet says to Meet Ahlawat that they need to beat Barfi utilizing brains not with clench hands. Raj comes and declares to the family that Endlessly meet Ahlawat that they won’t stop the sale of the Ahlawat family. Meet Ahlawat attempts to persuade his father. Raj doesn’t pay attention to Meet Ahlawat and says he can get back the cash however he can’t bring back in the event that he loses him. Meet attempts to converse with Raj however Raj says this matter is finished. Meet Ahlawat requests that Raj quiet down.

Babita gives her gems to Raj and says he really wants cash to enlist a legal counselor. Babita says by selling these we can recruit a legal counselor. Ishani hears them talking.

Raj and Babita purchase vegetables after they sold their gems. Barfi shows the Raj and Babita to the recruited woman Hooligan and says she needs to do precisely like she said. The woman Hooligan takes the telephone of the vegetable merchant and places it clinched of Babita. The vegetable vender searches for his telephone however he doesn’t track down it. The woman hooligan advises the vegetable merchant to give his telephone a missed call. The vegetable vender concurs and calls his telephone. Babita sees that the telephone is in her pack. The woman Hooligan faults Babita for taking the vegetable merchant’s telephone. Individuals around them likewise trust her. Barfi stows away and sees this truckload of occurring. The woman Hooligan gets her hands dark and says she is going darken her face to Babita. The woman Thug attempts to darken Babita however Meet stops the woman Goon.

Episode ends.

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