Meet 15th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 15th December 2022

The episode begins with Meet preventing the woman cheat from darkening Babita’s face and darkens the woman criminal’s face consequently. The woman hoodlum asks Meet what’s happening with she? Meet says this is her region and says no one conflicts with her here. Meet apologizes to Babita for what occurred here and requests that Raj remove Babita. Raj concurs and removes Babita. Meet inquiries the woman hoodlum who is she and says she doesn’t seem as though she is from here.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Ishani chats on the telephone about a task opening. Masum asks Ishani what is she referring to on the telephone? Ishani says she is going after a position. Masum says however she assumed she planned to proceed with her examinations and what might be said about that? Ishani says with the current state of the family it is smarter to bring however much cash as could be expected. Masum acclaims Ishani. Ishani says she took this choice subsequent to seeing Raj and Babita talking. Masum feels regretful as she(Ishani)came seconds ago and pondering their family this much yet she (Masum) was there in this family yet she ( Masum) doesn’t consider anybody just herself. Ishani says she can do it now and says it is slow on the uptake, but still good enough. Masum concurs and furthermore chooses to search for a task with Ishani.The woman hoodlum attempts to cause an explanation and break from that point to however Meet stops the woman criminal and compromises her to tell Meet who is she and who advised her to do this? The woman hoodlum says reality and says she was recruited by an old woman and says the standard, worn out woman requested that she embarrass her mother by marriage. In the wake of chatting with the woman cheat she comprehends that the genuine driving force behind this occurrence is Barfi.


Meet Ahlawat hearing what occurred from Meet lashes out at Barfi and thinks he needs to follow through with something. Meet quiets down Meet Ahlawat and shares her thought with Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat acclaims Meet for her idea.

Meet Latest Spoiler Alerts 15th December 2022

The Register official comes to drink a tea at the tea slow down. Meet signals the person she employed and to begin going about as the register official is coming. Meet’s person chats on the telephone seeing the Register official that an exceptionally rich party is searching for a house in Chandigarh. The Register official gets some information about the other party. Meet’s person says the party is unfamiliar and a princess. The Register official hearing this inquires as to whether he will get a commission in the event that he shows the chateau. Meet’s person consents to give the commission. The Register official hearing this calls Barfi and enlightens her regarding the news he got. Barfi hearing this feels cheerful. Barfi shares the uplifting news that she got with Raj and Babita that a princess of Barisan is keen on purchasing this house. Raj shares with Barfi that he previously advised Endlessly meet Ahlawat that to quit meddling in the bartering of the Ahlawat family chateau. Raj and Babita are going to leave however Barfi coerces them again saying that she can send Meet Ahlawat to imprison and on the off chance that they don’t believe that should occur. They should be her workers in this house. Babita concurs with Barfi’s condition. Babita takes a commitment from Raj that he won’t inform them anything concerning this. Raj agrees.

Barfi gives old garments to Raj and Babita and requests that they change into worker garments. Babita and Raj go to change. Meet Ahlawat camouflages himself as an outsider and asks the worker in the house where is this house proprietor. The worker says she is inside. Raj and Babita change into worker garments. Barfi embarrasses Raj and Babita and advises them to clean the house. Meet likewise camouflages herself as the princess of Barisan. Meet Ahlawat requests that the worker call the house proprietor. The worker goes inside to call Barfi. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet that Barfi played a great deal of games and presently the time has come to end it.

Episode ends.

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