Meet 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 16th December 2022

The episode begins with Barfi advising Raj and Babita to go to clean the house. Meet Ahlawat presents himself as Sheik and presents Meet as Sovereign of Baristan to Barfi. Barfi welcomes Meet reasoning she is actually a sovereign. Meet flies off the handle and as Barfi doesn’t invite her like a sovereign. Meet tells to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat means Barfi that the sovereign is irate with her. Meet goes about as though she will leave. Barfi stops Meet and welcomes her by going kneeling down. Meet acknowledges her hello and asks Barfi who is she? Barfi presents herself as proprietor of this house. Meet requests that Barfi show her the house. Barfi agrees.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Raj requests that Babita take rest and says he will do the housework. Babita says time will show everything and she will make it happen. Babita and Raj discuss who could have come that Barfi sent them away. Raj says he will proceed to look. Babita says there is no need.Barfi says she will initially show her the Mandir. Meet goes to the mandir before Barfi shows her the way. Barfi asks the Sovereign how can she realize that Mandir is like that. Meet stays silent.


Ishani and Masum feel down and out as they didn’t land the position and discuss it. Chaya hears them talking and thinks they look great and figures she will get large chunk of change assuming she sells them. Chaya presents herself and says she can give them occupations. Ishani asks Chaya for what reason is she extending to them employment opportunities without checking their capability out. Chaya says in their field they need reliability and there is no requirement for capability. Chaya likewise gives them cash as advance. Ishani and Masum reject her from the get go yet they later take the money.

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Meet Ahlawat says the sovereign is knowledgeable in Indian Culture. Meet likewise says she knows in Indian culture Mandir will constantly be in North east. Meet chastens Barfi for thinking her and goes about as she is going to leave. Barfi apologizes to the sovereign. Barfi shows Meet the Mandir. Meet appeals to Ruler Sriram to be their ally for her plan.

The worker requests that Raj and Babita stay in the kitchen. Raj and Babita go to the kitchen. Barfi asks the sovereign how is the chateau. Meet Ahlawat says the sovereign preferred the House without a doubt. Babita inadvertently breaks a tea cup. Barfi takes authorization from them and goes into the kitchen. Barfi asks them what was the deal? Babita says her hand slipped. Barfi reproves her and consumes a steel utensils on the oven to show Babita a thing or two. Meet Ahlawat goes about as though they are irate with Barfi. Barfi hearing his voice leaves Babita and goes to them. Barfi pulls Babita and Babita’s hand unintentionally contacts steel untensil and consumes her hand. Raj pours water on Babita’s hand. Barfi makes sense of for Endlessly meet Ahlawat that occasionally they need to show the workers their place. Meet Ahlawat tells Barfi that the sovereign is exceptionally furious with the manner in which she is treating her folks. Meet Ahlawat says in the event that she doesn’t believe that the arrangement should be dropped she needs to say sorry. Barfi concurs and expresses sorry to the sovereign by holding her ears. Barfi asks the sovereign for a solicitation and says she has a companion who lives in Middle Easterner. Barfi requests that Meet send her companion a message in Middle Easterner. Meet thinks Barfi is trying her. Endlessly meet Ahlawat goes about as though they are furious and they leave from that point saying they will drop the deal.

Raj deals with Babita. Babita says in the event that we languish over a couple of days, their kids will be in the clear. Raj shares with Babita that she doesn’t grasp Barfi and chooses to come clean with Endlessly meet Ahlawat. Raj passes on to tell Endlessly meet Ahlawat.

Meet Ahlawat gets a call from Barfi that she acknowledged the arrangement. Endlessly meet Ahlawat celebrate. Meet Ahlawat sees Raj and quiets down. Raj inquires as to whether they are discussing Barfi. Meet Ahlawat says they are simply discussing her nonchalantly. Meet Ahlawat asks Raj for what valid reason did he come here? Babita prevents Raj from talking and says they just came here nonchalantly. Meet sees that Babita’s hand got singed. Meet asks Babita how could she got her hand consumed. Babita makes up an explanation and says she got injured while taking care of business. Meet Ahlawat says she must watch out. Endlessly meet Ahlawat takes favors from their parents.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat come to Barfi as the sovereign and sheik. Meet Ahlawat gives advance to Barfi and says this is the development for the chateau. Barfi feels cheerful seeing this. Barfi requests that the workers bring some water. Babita accompanies water. Babita slips and the water falls on Meet. Endlessly meet Ahlawat see Babita and Raj in worker garments and get stunned.

Episode ends.

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