Meet 17th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 17th December 2022

The episode begins with Babita carrying water to meet Ahlawat unendingly. Babita slips and spills the water on Meet. Barfi reproves Babita and says she did it purposefully right. Raj says she didn’t do it purposefully and says he will clean it immediately. Babita says she committed an error. Barfi says she committed an error as she employed them as her workers. Barfi attempts to slap Babita yet Meet Ahlawat stops Barfi.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Masum and Ishani come to Chaya’s organization and asks the assistant for Chaya and say they came here for the meeting. The secretary says Chaya educated her regarding them. The secretary advises them to go that way. Ishani and Masum go to meet Chaya. The secretary flags the Thug. Ishani and Chaya come into a room and they see that Chaya is preparing the young ladies on the best way to move. Chaya sees Masum and Ishani and requests that they join the artists. Chaya says for one night they can acquire lakhs and their life is set. Masum asks Chaya how dare she that she talks like this to them. Masum and Ishani attempt to leave yet the Thug holds the blade and undermines them to remain. Chaya coerces Masum and Ishani saying she will transfer their profile on the web that they are both in this field and furthermore shows the photograph she took when she was giving cash to them. Chaya extorts them to pay attention to her.Barfi asks Meet Ahlawat for what good reason did he hold her hand. Meet says the secretary is extremely furious and as they ruined her dress. Meet Ahlawat gives a whip to Meet and tells Barfi that the sovereign will rebuff them as they ruined her dress. Meet takes the whip from Meet Ahlawat and takes Raj and Babita higher up. Raj argues in the interest of Babita. Meet removes her cover. Raj sees Meet and gets stunned. Raj asks Meet what are they doing here? Meet says they are getting back what legitimately has a place with them. Raj cautions that Barfi can toss them behind bars assuming she figures out the thing they are doing? Meet says they know and says they are doing this for the family. Raj advises Meet to deal with herself. Meet concurs. Barfi is outside the room entryway and snoops and thinks why would that be no strong coming from the room? Barfi chooses to look at it. Barfi hears the voice and quits going into the room. Meet whips Barfi Devi’s photograph and Babita yells as though she is being whipped.


Barfi acclaims Meet in the manner in which she took care of things and expresses today there is a party on the event of the arrangement finishing. Barfi asks Meet for some help requesting that Meet hit Babita infront of her once. Meet concurs. Meet requests that Babita come here. Babita apologizes to them. Meet goes about as though she is hitting Babita and hits Barfi and says she didn’t keep her floor clean on the off chance that she kept the floor perfect, the worker could never have slipped and spilled water on her dress. Barfi apologizes to Meet and says she will make them clean it.

Meet Latest Spoiler Alerts 17th December 2022

Ram tells Ragini that he heard she is going to the USA to his sibling. Slam requests that Ragini call and let him know that she won’t leave this family. Ragini reminds Slam what he said and says that God gave him a slap to remind his place. Ragini says she isn’t here a direct result of him and says she is here a result of Babita and Meet. Ragini requests that Slam consider how he can help this family.

Barfi acquaints Meet with the visitors as Sovereign of Barisan. Barfi gives a discourse to the visitors. Meet quiets Meet Ahlawat down. The Register Official additionally comes to the party. Meet Ahlawat asks Barfi for the first records. Barfi goes to bring the first documents.

A lady brings Masum and Ishani who are blindfolded. The lady tells Masum and Ishani that she will leave them yet before that they need to do a presentation and says on the off chance that they did anything entertaining, she will make their photographs viral. The lady removes the blindfold of Masum and Ishani. Masum sees that they will move in the Ahlawat chateau. Barfi receives a message and says to Meet that she arranged a unique execution for herself and says Barfi will sign it after the presentation. Barfi leaves from that point. Meet thinks she needs to make Barfi sign the reports regardless of what happens.

Episode ends.

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