Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 12th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho Written Update 12th December 2022

The episode begins with Vidhi imparting to Dev that she can confront everything assuming Dev is with her. Hariprasad asks them what’s happening here? Dev Illuminates him that Vidhi is drained. He encourages her to go to home and take rest. He lets him know that he will drop her in home. Hariprasad lets him know that Dev is additionally drained. He was stressed over Vidhi entire evening and didn’t rest. He requests that he take rest. He never anticipated that he should accept such dicision for Vidhi. Hariprasad lets him know that Dev resembles his god. Vidhi says that he is her God as well. Hariprasad say thanks to him for his assistance and says that he will not fail to remember this assistance of him. He embraces him and leaves from there.

Written Update Na Umra Ki Seema Ho Today Episode

Meanwhile, Hariprasad takes Vidhi to home. Bimla gets glad to see them back. Neighbor puts wreath on Hariprasad and shares with them he knows that Vidhi is blameless. She will not do things like this. He misleads him that he didn’t rest contemplating her entire evening. Hariprasad requests that Vidhi disregard everything. Bimla takes arathi to Vidhi. Hariprasad says that goddess Lakshmi of her house is back. They completed the request in sanctuary. Afterward, Brilliant is moving in her room. Urmila asks her what’s happening here? She illuminates her that she is preparing for Arjun. Urmila asks her doesn’t Arjun rich? He was Kanika’s son.Golden gestures with her. Urmila gets glad to hear that he was rich and great individual. Brilliant tells her that he went to London. He took guarantee from her to uncover nothing to them. Urmila shares with her lets utilize what is going on favor to them. She tells her that he took guarantee from her for another reason. Urmila encourages her to meet Kanika. She will assist her with meeting Arjun. Afterward, Kanika praises Dev and Vidhi for won the case. She says that they won such an extreme case. Everybody stressed over them.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Kanika says that Vidhi confronted such a difficult stretch. Kanika adds that priest complimented him and writer are holding on to take his meeting. He went to be a legend in a day. Dev says that Vidhi is a genuine legend she confronted everything striking. Vidhi tells him it wouldn’t have conceivable without his help. Kanika values Dev for face challenge to save Vidhi. He was even all set to prison for her. Kanika says that office resembles a family to him. They were stressed over his most recent two days. How about we commend the triumph. Afterward, Priya tells Amba that she is infatuated with Dev yet he cherishes Vidhi. She tells Amba that she can’t acknowledge it. She holds hands with her.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho Latest Spoiler Alerts 12th December 2022

Meanwhile, Workers are moving in the workplace. Vidhi tells Rishab that she will welcome Dev to hit the dance floor with them. Rishab tells her that he is matured one. How he will hit the dance floor with them? Vidhi flies off the handle and shares with him that he is fit. He didn’t saw him battling with the hooligans. He wouldn’t have talk like that. Dev hits the dance floor with the representatives. Sudha calls Dev to illuminate him that Ruhi isn’t eating anything. Assuming Vidhi comes there she will comfort her. Dev guarantees her that he will bring Vidhi there.

Vidhi lets him know that she will proceed to cause her to eat food. In the mean time, Amba reprimands Vickram for harming Chithra. She lets him know that she has a place from Raichand family. Dev won’t leave him assuming she was harmed. She tells him it’s better he is treating her well. She illuminates him that he wedded her for the good of she. Simply satisfy her for the good of she as well. She is the best way to arrive at Dev. Afterward, Brilliant gives desserts to Kanika and tells her that she adores Arjun. Kanika uncovers to her that Arjun loves Vidhi. She adds that her family gives a sign of approval for this collusion. Afterward, Vidhi attempts to comfort Ruhi yet she didn’t give regard to her. She changed after see Dev there.

Episode end

Precap; Vidhi will impart to Dev we should cause her folks to persuade to acknowledge their relationship. Dev will clear with her that they will not acknowledge them. In the interim, Brilliant will share with Hariprasad that they are figuring Vidhi will open up everything to them. Be that as it may, she is infatuated with Dev

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