Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho Written Update 16th December 2022

The episode begins with Dev compasses to the clinic. He asking Vidhi what was the deal? Vidhi describes to him everything. Dev requests that she quiet down. Vidhi imparts to him that Bimla isn’t chatting with her. She didn’t acknowledge her cash to take care of the bill. Indeed, even she isn’t permitting her to meet Hariprasad.

Written Update Na Umra Ki Seema Ho Today Episode

Dev says that Bimla is furious on her for that reason she isn’t chatting with her. She will converse with her after she quiet down. Dev guarantees her that Hariprasad is improving at this point. He sent a best cardiovascular specialist. Bimla sees Dev there and lashes out. She pardons Urmila. She requests Dev to leave from that point. She adds that anything he did to us is sufficient. She needn’t bother with his assistance. Vidhi shares with her that that it’s not Dev’s error. Bimla asks her doesn’t she have disgrace? Her dad is in ICU. In any case, she is supporting him. Bimla requests him to leave from there.Vidhi shares with Dev that Bimla is furious. Try not to take her words to his heart. She mentioned him to leave from that point. Dev asks her how he will leave what is happening? Vidhi guarantees him that she will deal with everything. Dev gets some information about him. He requests that she call him assuming she want anything. He will be accessible for her. Dev leaves from that point. He feels that he expected something to that effect occur here. He supplicates god to save Hariprasad. He is the explanation for his state. Vidhi is petitioning God for Hariprasad. Bimla sees her and recalls Vidhi’s admission. She blows up on her.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Next day Dev awakens. He asks the specialist about Hariprasad’s wellbeing? The specialist illuminates him that Hariprasad state was basic till yesterday. Yet, he is improving at this point. He adds that they need to step through hardly any more examination to him. The specialist encouraged him to take rest in home. He inqyiresd him Is he connected with them? Dev says that he isn’t his family member. His little girl working in his office. Dev asks Vidhi Is everything okay there. The specialist says to Medical caretaker, it appears he was the purpose for his state. He has illicit relationship with this more youthful young lady. Vidhi requests that Dev leave from that point. Dev is resolved not to abandon her in such state. Vidhi lets him know that she would rather not see him battling. Bimla says that her significant other is in ICU however she is stressing over him.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho Latest Spoiler Alerts 16th December 2022

He was in this state in light of her little girl. She broke their trust. She lost her sense. Bimla asks Dev doesn’t he enough developed? He is able to purchase anything. He is a strong individual however he broke their trust. She embarrasses Dev there. Vidhi shares with her that it’s not his issue. Bimla requests her to quiet down. Dev shares with her that he needs to see Hariprasad once and affirm the treatment is working out in a good way for him. Bimla asks him how will he respond? Hariprasad was behind him like a fan. He used to think about him as his god. Dev feels regretful hearing it. Bimla says that he was adoring her little girl who is in his little girl age. Will he do this to his own girl. Bimla adds that it’s better Hariprasad isn’t seeing this all.

Dev shares with her that he is grasping her circumstance. Bimla requests him to leave from that point. She requests that they leave or they needed to end their lives as well. Everybody gossipping about them. Dev says that he is leaving. Bimla says that it’s better for everybody. Bimla requests Vidhi to cut every one of her binds with him and leaves from that point. Dev leaves there in weighty heart. In the interim, Amba compasses to the medical clinic. She meets Dev there and asks him about Hariprasad. He says that he got respiratory failure. Amba imagines like inquisitive about his well about? Dev describes everything to her. Hariprasad’s ailment getting worsen.

Episode end

Precap; Neighbor will reviling about Vidhi. They will examine with one another about Vidhi’s relationship with Dev. Cleric will illuminate Vidhi that he will not do pooja in their sanctuary any longer as a result of her wrongdoing. Her transgression will influence her folks too.

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