Naagin 6 13th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Naagin 6 Written Update 13th December 2022

The episode begins with Mehek seeing Prathna got the force of 9 microorganisms. She inquires as to whether she gets the force of 9 microbes. Prathna sees her and says you’re Mehek right, mother let me know you’re awful how are you doing the blade, and why it has blood. She goes out and sees Pratha, and Rishabh are battling for their life and Rudra is dead. Prathna says how could Rudra pass on even after she got an aid from Takshak. Urvashi says your marriage with Rudra is the phony one. Prathna cries gravely reviewing her minutes with Rudra. Mehek requests that Prathna give her 9 microbes to save her folks who are going to pass on. Pratha and Rishabh request that Prathna safeguard the microorganisms. Pratha requests that Prathna guarantee them.

Written Update Naagin 6 Today Episode

Prathna embraces them and reviews her minutes with them. Rishabh requests that Prathna not cry. Pratha and Rishabh leave their final gasp on Prathna’s shoulder. Prathna holds Mehek’s neck and says she will kill her. Mehek says there is no point for you to live as I grabbed all that has a place with you. Prathna cries and falls oblivious. Urvashi requests that Mehek get microbes from Prathna. Mehek takes the blade. Urvashi says she will get microorganisms from Prathna. She attempts to wound Prathna yet Pratha awakens out of nowhere. She holds the blade and consumes Urvashi transmitting fire. Urvashi and Mehek get stunned. Pratha makes Prathna gain cognizance with her power. Pratha requests that Prathna guarantee her that she will safeguard 9 germs.Prathna guarantees her then Pratha falls in her lap. Prathna cries. Seema says she is glad to see the demise of Pratha. Prathna makes smoke and vanishes from that point. Rudra acquires awareness and runs higher up. Seema and Mehek notice Prathna took her parent’s bodies. Seema requests that she track down Prathna. Mehek follows Rudra and wounds him once more. Prathna comes there. She cries seeing Rudra. Rudra leaves his final gasp. Prathna takes Rudra’s body with her. She plays out the last ceremonies to Pratha, Rishabh, and Rudra. Mehek and Seema come there. Prathna lets Mehek know that she won’t allow her to get powers and forfeits her life and gets covered in the ground with every one of her powers. Mahek and Seema get shocked.

Naagin 6

After 6 years, Mehek sees the adjustment of the climate. She says this day is the day Prathna covered herself and the weather conditions is showing another part and what’s it. Prathna emerges from the earth. She comes to Mehek’s place and kills her. Mehek awakens from her bad dream. Vinay comes there and inquires as to whether she is fine. She says she is fine. Vinay says he purchased a lovely present for her. He presents her jewel accessory. She requests that he leave however he says his work is with his significant other. Mehek with her power makes him leave.

Naagin 6 Latest Spoiler Alerts 13th December 2022

The internal identity of Mehek lets Mehek know that she is old and she will not get a spot in damnation as well. Mehek says she won’t pass on. Her internal identity says you’re as of now dead and you will vanish when these Anklets leave you and it will happen soon as they might break whenever. Mehek thinks she wants to track down 9 microbes to get her life. She goes with Seema and makes her laborers dig where Prathna covered herself. Seema requests that Mehek not stress. Mehek says she wants to track down microbes to get her own life as Anklets might get broken anytime.

In the Halfway house, Gautham and the children go to surprise Preethi on her birthday. They eliminate the bed sheet and get shocked to see pads. Kids say Preethi shocked them. Preethi calls them first floor assuming they need inflatables. They go to her and take inflatables and wish her blissful birthday as this is the day she came to the house 6 years back. They make her cut Kachori cake. Preethi takes care of them and goes aside in tears. Gautham requests that she not cry. Preethi says she isn’t crying. She says she is feeling excessively fortunate to get them as she remembered nothing about her life. She says she might bite the dust in the event that Om chachu didn’t save her. Gautham says Om Chachu gave life to many vagrants. Kali says she actually recall how Om saved Preethi from under the earth gambling with his life.

Preethi says he left giving me new life. Gautham says you didn’t recall your name so we named you Preethi. Preethi says she doesn’t recall her past however she will not get them isolated. Gautham says extreme as the proprietor gave us this house is great yet his children are needing it back and we didn’t pay most recent 3 months. Preethi says she is attempting to find a new line of work however it’s not working out, I trust Shiv ji and he will show us a way. Kids embrace her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Takshak says very soon Prathna will meet her soul mate. Prathna goes to Ahalwat’s home to chat with the proprietor to give their shelter additional time. Mehek sees Prathna at the party yet doesn’t distinguish her due to the mask.

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