Pandya Store 12th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Pandya Store

Pandya Store Written Update 12th December 2022

The episode begins with Pandyas being stunned to see Shweta asking before their home. Gautam reminds Shweta that she is their little girl in-regulation and requests that she quit asking. Shweta says that she’s not their little girl in-regulation any longer. Krish affirms this and says that it’s the result of her demonstration. He requests that she ask before her folks’ home as she’s as yet their little girl. Shweta says that she’s not their little girl any longer. Krish says that she is answerable for that. He chides her for embarrassing them by asking and herself. Kanta sees Shweta asking and asks Dhara what’s going on at her house.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

The area individuals tear down Pandya’s little girl in-regulation in light of Shweta’s activity, which maddens Shiva. The last option cautions them. He then gives Shweta a few cash and reprimands her for Rishita and Raavi being embarrassed in light of her. Dhara requests that Pandya’s siblings go to the shop. They leave. Dhara gives food to Shweta for her and Chiku. Shweta says that she doesn’t need her food. Shweta drives Dhara away when she attempts to contact Chiku. She requests that Dhara avoid her child. She says that she can’t accept her food as she could blend poison in the food to kill. She keeps on asking. Dhara looks on tragically at Chiku.Arnab requests that Raavi enjoy some time off and quiet down her annoyance and invest some energy with Shiva so all will be great. He adds that he, her family and Dhara need this. Raavi comprehends that Dhara needs her and Shiva’s relationship better. She says that she needs to continue on with Shiva as Shiva is her number one. Raavi requests that Arnab support her as he is her friend.

Pandya Store

Arnab requests that Raavi demonstrate that she doesn’t adore Shiva any longer and her outrage towards him won’t ever change, which shocks Raavi. Arnab further says that Raavi can’t make it happen and Raavi will get back to Shiva sometime. Raavi affirms that she will get back to Shiva as she adores him so much and can’t ponder anybody. Arnab inquires as to why she can’t get back to him now then. He says that she is unyielding to wrong Shiva like he violated her. Arnab will not engage in her family matters and excuses her temporarily.

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Rishita finds Dhara furiously regretting and inquires as to whether she’s fine. Dhara says about Shweta asking before their home and declining to take food from her. She considers how a mother can allow her child to starve to hurt others. Rishita says that Shweta is attempting to control Dhara to reemerge the house and asks her not to fall into her snare. Dhara says that her family is as yet confronting the outcomes on account of her nurturing love for Chiku and guarantees Rishita that she won’t allow Shweta to utilize her shortcoming to reappear the house.

Raavi believes that Shiva has sent Dhara to Arnab to get her terminated. She goes to stand up to Shiva. Shiva telephones Dev and says that he has gone for some work and requests that he care for the shop. Raavi sees Shiva going inside a structure and she likewise goes in. There, Dhara gives everybody in the area a container brimming with milk and requests that they give it to Shweta assuming she comes there to ask once more. Here, Shiva gets taunted for returning here to get beaten. Shiva gives them a well-suited answer. Raavi hears this and stands up to him. She inquires as to whether Pandyas is familiar with Shiva’s activity. She punches Shiva when he attempts to contact her.

Raavi pays to fix a bout with Shiva. Raavi says that Shiva likes to get beaten, so she will beat him today. Individuals giggle deriding at Shiva and Raavi. Shiva requests that Raavi return home and figure out their concern. Raavi rejects and inquires as to whether he is frightened. She tosses him the boxing gloves. Shiva and Raavi prepare to battle. Raavi requests to get desserts to commend her triumph. Raavi shares with Shiva to have desserts also to praise her excusal from her work. There, neighborhood ladies won’t help Dhara in taking care of Shweta and Chiku, so Dhara chooses to converse with Shweta’s parents.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shweta’s folks request that Shweta get back, however Shweta declines. Pandyas faces questions in view of Shweta’s activities, so Krish chooses to tackle this issue by separating from Shweta.

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