Pandya Store 13th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Pandya Store

Pandya Store Written Update 13th December 2022

The episode begins with Raavi beating Shiva in the boxing ring. She blames Shiva for sending Dhara to her office to get her terminated, feeling that she will get back when all her cash will be spent. Shiva attempts to make sense of, however Raavi keeps on destroying him. Then again, Shweta’s dad is stressed over Shweta and chooses to go to view as her. All of a sudden, she accepts Dhara’s call.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

In the boxing club, Raavi continues to beat Shiva. Shiva stops Raavi and says that he never disapproved of her going about her business. He adds that he didn’t send Dhara to her office. There, Dhara reprimands Shweta’s mother for allowing Shweta to ask in the city with Chiku. She says that they are constrained not to keep her in that frame of mind as she violated them. She requests that Shweta’s mother pardon Shweta for the good of Chiku. Shweta’s mother consents to bring Shweta back home. Shweta’s folks go to get her. Here, Raavi says that Shiva is lying, he generally battled with her due to her doing job.Raavi is going to leave. Shiva says that she truly didn’t definitely dislike her work or her chief, yet with her falsehood. He says that he used to hear her lies notwithstanding knowing reality and, thus, he became dubious about Arnab and her. He further says that he can’t stand anybody in any event, taking a gander at her since he cherishes her. Raavi says that she likewise cherishes him. She clarifies for him that she deceived him as she didn’t believe he should get injured. Shiva creases his hands and apologizes to Raavi. He says that he adores her so much and will pass on without her. He implores her to excuse him and commitments her not to rehash this mix-up, even in their next seven lives. Raavi becomes profound hearing this. She embraces Shiva.

Pandya Store

The last option embraces her back, grinning. Kesariya plays in the BG. Raavi enlightens Shiva concerning her being terminated from her work, which shocks Shiva. Shiva needs to converse with Arnab and persuade him to give Raavi back her work. However, Raavi stops Shiva and says that she would rather not return there. She says that she’s accomplished now, so she can find a new line of work elsewhere. Shiva concurs and requests that Raavi get back first. Raavi concurs, yet she says that she has a condition to return home.

Pandya Store Latest Spoiler Alerts 13th December 2022

Shweta’s folks are stunned to see Shweta asking. On seeing her folks, Shweta implores them. Shweta’s mom requests that Shweta get back. In Pandya’s home, Dhara is preparing to go to give the bread rolls to their local houses, so they can give them to Shweta when she beseeches them for food. Rishita says that Dhara is rehashing her mix-up by becoming close to home for Chiku. Dhara denies this. She says that she’s doing this in the wake of reasoning a lot.

At the boxing club, Raavi strikes a match stick and requests that Shiva guarantee that he won’t ever question her. Shiva puts his hand over the consuming match stick and vows to never question Raavi, embarrass her or hurt her. Shhva additionally requests that Raavi vow to never mislead him. Raavi guarantees something similar. Raavi then requests that Shiva vow to trust in anything she says. Shiva vows to indiscriminately trust Raavi. Raavi grins. Shiva embraces Raavi. Kesariya plays in the BG. Raavi and Shiva bother one another and laugh.

Shweta insults her folks and won’t go to their home. She says that the road is her home and asks for food. Shweta’s father takes Shweta’s mother from that point. Shweta says that this is her definitive assault. She says that she will get Chiku’s custodianship now.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhara gives food to Shweta through a youngster. However, Shweta tosses it, saying that she needn’t bother with Dhara’s benevolence. Gautam gets insulted for allowing Shweta to ask. Krish chooses to separate from Shweta and closes this matter.

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