Pandya Store 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Pandya Store

Pandya Store Written Update 14th December 2022

The episode begins with Raavi sitting close to Shiva and truly regretting seeing Shiva’s physical issue all over. She embraces him. Dhara awakens frightened in the wake of having a bad dream where Shweta thumps at Pandya’s home entryway around evening time and tells Pandya that Chiku kicked the bucket and requests that them for cash play out his last customs. Dhara attempts to support herself that Chiku’s fine.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

In Krish’s room, the last option can’t rest as his psyche continues to procure late occurrences and Shweta’s words. All of a sudden, he hears the entryway opening and claims to rest. Pandya siblings, individually, show up in the room and set down close to Krish. The last option quits professing to rest. He gets up and begins to cry. The siblings embrace him.The next morning, Shweta looks for help from a man to drop her at the clinic in his cycle as her child is debilitated. The man concurs and requests that she sit behind him. Shweta admonishes him and leaves when he attempts to exploit her. Gautam, Dev and Shiva see this and comprehend what occurred. Shiva beats that man. The siblings enquire ask about where Shweta proceeded to discover that Chiku is sick.

Pandya Store

In the medical clinic, the specialist shares with Shweta that the child has fever because of be uncovered in the outside for longer time. She composes tablet for two days and requests that Shweta get them from the emergency clinic drug store. Shweta obliges. As Shweta doesn’t have cash to pay the medication, Shweta grabs the cash from the drug specialist and runs away.

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The drug specialist yells criminal. A medical caretaker gets Shweta, yet the last option drives her away and runs from that point. Shiva sees this. He pays the charge of medication to the drug specialist. He telephones Gautam and lets him know that Shweta raced to the clinic with Chiku and she didn’t actually have the means to get his medication. He says that Chiku is truly debilitated. Gautam chooses to get a sweeping from home and gives it to Shweta. He trusts that she won’t deny as she should likewise require it in the cold.

In Pandya’s home, Pandya ladies work in the kitchen. Raavi sees that Dhara is lost in her viewpoints and strips the potato gradually. Raavi takes it from Dhara’s hand and says that she will do it as Dhara got her terminated from her work. Rishita guards Dhara, expressing Dhara did it for Raavi’s betterment.

Dhara requests that Rishta let Raavi insult her and get out her indignation. All of a sudden, Gautam gets back and noisily tells Suman that Chiku is wiped out and Shweta doesn’t have the means to purchase his medication. Dhara is stunned to hear this and runs outside to see Chiku. Suman reproves Gautam for talking noisily regardless of realizing Dhara is delicate about Chiku. Gautam guarantees Suman to deal with Dhara and pursues Dhara. Raavi, Rishita and Krish likewise follow him.

Shweta gives Chiku to a kid and goes to get milk for Chiku. The kid is occupied with playing, letting Chiku be. Dhara arrives at there and embraces Chiku. She becomes stressed, understanding that Chiku’s internal heat level is high. Shweta brings there back. She sees Dhara having Chiku and yells abductor. She blames Dhara for attempting to grab Dhara. She requests that individuals there hit Dhara. They begin to hit Dhara with stones. Gautam shows up there and embraces Dhara to safeguard her.

The rest of the family show up there. They stand around Dhara making a circle to save Dhara. Shiva takes a stick and compromises individuals. They quit tossing stones. Dhara is taking a gander at Chiku regardless of her draining head injury. Shiva admonishes Shweta for blaming Dhara for being an abductor. Shweta undermines the Pandyas. She says that regardless, she will be guaranteed as Chiku’s mom. Shweta further says that Dhara can never become her very own mother kid or another person’s child.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shweta surges Chiku to the emergency clinic as Chiku’s wellbeing deteriorates, however specialists aren’t accessible. Shweta is stunned when Chiku’s body has become cold.

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