Pandya Store 15th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Pandya Store

Pandya Store Written Update 15th December 2022

The episode begins with Shweta provoking Dhara that she can become neither her very own mother youngster nor the mother of other’s kid. Chiku cries overwhelmingly. Dhara goes to take him in her hug. Shweta takes Chiku in her hug to keep Dhara from contacting Chiku. Shiva offers Shweta the medication for Chiku, however she discards it saying that even the medication will become poison assuming they give. Shiva reprimands Shweta and leaves. The remainder of Pandyas likewise leave. Shweta commitments to make the Pandyas homeless.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Shweta’s father chooses to purchase a level for Shweta as the last option won’t get back to their home. He whines about Suman tossing Shweta out of the house. All at once Suman shows up there and hears this. She guards her choice by expressing how Shweta attempted to break my family and Raavi-Shiva’s marriage. She says that zhe can’t keep Shweta in her till somebody kicks the bucket on account of her. They are her kids, so she really wants to safeguard them.Here, Gautam reprimands Dhara for going to Chiku automatically. Dhara says that she will rehash it as she needs Chiku fine. She cries and says that Chiku’s body is consuming in the fever. She asks the family how they can hush up subsequent to seeing Chiku’s condition. She inquires as to whether they don’t adore Chiku. Krish quiets her down and causes her to sit to treat her injury. There, Suman needs to return Chiku’s custodianship paper as Chiku isn’t remaining any longer in their home and in addition this is the base of all their problems.

Pandya Store

Suman expresses that as they broke all binds with Shweta, there’s no good reason for keep any relationship with them. She further says that Shweta realizes that Chiku is Dhara’s shortcoming and she utilizes it to stand out and make Dhara powerless. She won’t allow it to work out. Suman requests that Shweta’s folks take their girl to a mental which irritates Shweta’s father. Suman says that Shweta is residing in the road as opposed to residing their enormous house to annoy them.

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Suman requests that they reclaim the custodianship papers. Shweta’s father is going to take it, yet Shweta’s mother stops him. She deceives Suman that Shweta’s requirements treatment. She aaks Suman to allow Dhara to keep the custodianship. Here, Rishita says that they all vibe awful to see Chiku crying, however they can do nothing due to Shweta. Dhara inquires as to whether they can’t battle Shweta. There, Shweta’s mother deceives Suman about them being sick to persuade all Suman the Chiku’s custodianship papers.

Suman concurs and leaves. Here, Dhara asks the Pandyas for what good reason they don’t a thing to bring Chiku back home. Raavi says that Shweta won’t allow Chiku to get back without them requesting that Shweta get back and getting back to her back resembles loosing their relationship. Rishita says that Shweta loathes such a lot of them so she will focus on all relationship in their loved ones. Shiva says that Shweta couldn’t care less about Chiku, however Dhara will not make due assuming anything happens to Chiku. Raavi asks, Shiva to essentially think. She says that they can’t gamble every one of our relations for Chiku.

There, Shweta’s father asks Shweta’s mother for what reason she deceived Suman about their disease and inquires as to whether she needs to get back at Shweta. Shweta’s mother denies it. She trusts that a marvel will occur and Shweta will get back to Pandya house. He inquires as to why she needs effectively send Shweta to the Pandya house. Shweta’s mother says that the Pandyas can endure and deal with Shweta. Here, Gautam shares with Raavi that their relations aren’t so powerless for Shweta break them. Rishita reminds Gautam how Shweta managed Shiva, Raavi and Dhara seven days prior and cautions that it will rehash assuming Shweta gets back. Suman returns home and hears this. She lauds Rishita for her lecture.

Gautam asks Suman where she has gone. Suman says that she went return the custodianship papers to Shweta’s folks, yet Shweta’s mother wouldn’t take them back and told about both a couple’s sickness. Suman says that Shweta’s mother realizes that Chiku is their shortcoming and they can’t see Chiku in torment, so they will bring Chiku back home and Shweta will likewise get back alongside Chiku. She says that Shweta’s mother is being an egotistical mother as she most likely is aware Shweta’ can be protected exclusively in their home. Suman inquires as to whether Dhara on the off chance that her brothers by marriage can watch out for the relationship assuming Shweta gets back as their trust is so powerless. That’s what she cautions assuming there’s any crack in the family once more, the family will go to pieces. Dhara requests that Dhara conclude whether she can trust her brothers by marriage and bring Shweta back home.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shweta surges Chiku to the clinic as Chiku’s wellbeing deteriorates, yet specialists aren’t accessible. Shweta is stunned when Chiku’s body has become cold.

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