Parineetii 13th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Parineetii Written Update 13th December 2022

The episode begins with Neeti awakening and demands Rajeev to get up. He attempts to sentiment with her. Neeti imparts to him that Biji will reprimand her assuming she see her in the future with him. He guarantees her that she won’t see them together thinking entryway was shut. Neeti and Rajeev are pulling each other leg. In the mean time, Chandrika serving food to relatives. Biji grins seeing Parineet. She flies off the handle to see Neeti Sita close to Rajeev. She feels that she is Parineet’s companion yet she doesn’t have the foggiest idea about her place in this house it appears. She asks Chandrika for what valid reason she is planning unfortunate nourishment for breakfast. She proposes her to cook paratha or Rotti. She adds that Parineet just prepares good food here. She requests that she cook paratha for her tomorrow. Neeti says that Parineet is great at cooking. Her high quality Paratha is number one to her. She is well known in Barnala. Her mouth is watering mulling over everything. Biji requests that she stop it. Parineet tells her that she will cook paratha for her as quickly as possible. Biji stops her. She encourage Parineet to cook for her tomorrow. Biji tells Parineet that she made a sweater for her. Parineet asks her what’s the need to do it for her? She isn’t well. Biji says that she will do anything for her. Neeti requests that she make one for her as well. Biji shares with her that she is a visitor. Try not to hope for something else than her.

Written Update Parineetii Today Episode

Parineet begs Biji to don’t affront her. Biji tells her she will make one for her as well. She is doing it for the wellbeing of Parineet. Rajeev feels that Neeti is harmed. He taps Monty’s leg mixing up it as Neeti. Monty hacks when he rubs his feet. Rajeev feels that Neeti’s feet is unpleasant. He asks her for what valid reason did she take her leg back? She sees he erroneously rubs Monty’s feet. She chuckles seeing it. Biji makes faces seeing it. Neeti pardons them. Rajeev asks Neeti for what reason she is ridiculing at him? Neeti tells him that she is going for shopping. She adds that she is pregnant. Her dress is unsuitable to her. She needs to purchase winter clothes.Neeti scopes to showcase. She saw Vishal there. She imagines that Parineet thinking he was in London however he got back to India. She calls Parineet to illuminate about it. Parineet attempts to persuade her that she saw another person. Neeti requests her to send his image she needs to affirm regardless of whether it’s Rajeev? Parineet tells her that She will talk with Sanju about it. Neeti questions her what’s the need to ask him. Parineet lies that photograph was with him. Parineet calls Rajeev to alarm him yet he isn’t going to her call. Neeti becomes irritated and goes behind him. Parineet feels that it’s smarter to go there to stop Neeti. Or probably she will follow Vishal behind and finds the truth.


Parineet going to go out Babli comes there. She demands her to check her ear it’s tormenting a ton. Parineet feels aggravate and helps her. Babli asks her what’s annoying her? She looks so apprehensive. Parineet describes to Babli everything. She fears that Neeti will become familiar with reality. Babli encourage Parineet to quit agonizing over Neeti. She is demolishing her joy for her. Parineet tells her that she needs more chance to examine about it. Neeti asks Vishal’s driver about Rajeev. He tells her his name isn’t Rajeev. She misjudged him as another person. Before he makes reference to his name he was diverted. Biji stops Parineet. She requests that she take her out. Parineet tells her that she has one significant work to do. She adds that she needs to sit in daylight. Chandrika and Babli feels powerless. Rajeev calls Parineet on time. She figures how she will converse with him before Biji. Biji says that she can comprehend that couple have significant things to examine with each other.

Parineetii Latest Spoiler Alerts 13th December 2022

Episode end

Precap; Parineet will illuminate Rajeev that Neeti saw Vishal in the shopping center. Neeti will feel that she won’t leave him today. Vishal will leave the shopping center. Parineet will incidentally tumble down when a vehicle going to hit her. Rakesh will beat the driver for hurt Parineet

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