Parineetii 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Parineetii Written Update 14th December 2022

The episode begins with Neeti looking for Vishal in the shopping center. Neeti feels that his vehicle is outside. He will be here. Vishal disheartened with the assortments there. He requests that the staffs assist him with tracking down new assortments. Neeti tracks down Vishal there and contacted his shoulder. Somebody slams into Neeti. She tumbles down. Vishal leaves from that point. Neeti specifies him as Rajeev yet he didn’t care about her. Parineet assists Biji with strolling. Rajeev sees Parineet’s call and dials to her. Parineet figures how she will go to the bring before Biji. Supervisor requests that Rajeev go to the gathering as quickly as possible. He requires two minutes consent. Rajeev believes that Parineet don’t call him easily. He trusts all is well in home. He persuades him to emphatically think. Rajeev calls Parineet once more. Biji requests Parineet to go to the call. She asks her for what reason she is wondering whether or not to go to the bring before her. Parineet goes to the call and illuminates him that she is with Biji. He comprehends that she can’t converse with him free. He finds out if all that fine in home or not? She gestures negative.

Written Update Parineetii Today Episode

Parineet illuminates Rajeev that Neeti saw Vishal on the lookout. Rajeev tells her its unthinkable he was in London. Parineet lets him know that she was following him behind. Rajeev really looks at his profile and affirms her that he was in Chandigarh. Manager requests that Rajeev go to the gathering. He requests that Parineet follow through with something. He demands her to stop Neeti. Vishal goes into the preliminary room. Neeti holds up outside to discovered him in the act. She imagines that he was wandering in Chandigarh and deceived Parineet he was in London. Parineet calls Neeti to affirm regardless of whether she meets him? She illuminates her not yet. Parineet attempts to persuade her lets meet him together. Neeti is inflexible to meet him today at any expense to tackle this issue. Parineet gains from her about the shopping center subtleties. She implores god to save them from this present circumstance. Vishal sees Neeti and leaves from that point. Staff asks Neeti what’s she doing in Men’s preliminary room.Neeti deceives him that her better half was inside. Staff tells her nobody is inside. Neeti checks inside the preliminary room and gets stunned find him missing there. In the mean time, Manager lauded Rajeev’s hardwork and endeavors. Rajeev pardons him and calls Parineet. She illuminates him that she is coming. Rajeev grievances that his life is in danger however she is coming. Parineet asks him what’s he attempting to mean? Rajeev objections that it’s issue of his life. She shouldn’t face challenge in his life. How will he respond in the event that Neeti leave from his life? Parineet grievances that he was the justification for everything. He is agonizing over his wedded life however her life as of now end. He didn’t contemplate her when he left her. He was the justification for everything. Yet, how is it that he could fault Parineet and Neeti for his mix-up? Rajeev asks her does she attempting to say he was the justification for everything? Parineet denounced him. She adds that Rajeev might be thinking he is honest and get to enjoy a sense of understanding from others. Be that as it may, he is certainly not an honest. He is a narrow minded individual. In the event that something happen to Neeti then she will not excuse him.


Rajeev disengages the bring out of resentment. Rajeev thinks what has been going on with her? She is faulting him for everything. He understands that it was his slip-up. He shouldn’t denounce her for his mix-ups. She wa over defensive for Neeti. In the mean time, Neeti faults herself for missing Rajeev. Vishal leaves from the shopping center subsequent to charging. Neeti follows him behind. Security stops her when she the bell gives sound. She requests that Neeti take care of the bill for the things she found from her pack. Neeti tells her that she didn’t take it. She has no clue about how it’s came on her sack. Security requests that she talk with her chief about it. In the mean time, Chandrika prepares nourishment for Biji. Biji prods her on her cooking. She asks Chandrika about Parineet and Rajeev’s relationship. Afterward, Vehicle stalls on street. Driver requests that Parineet take another taxi. Parineet feels somebody following her behind. She going to hit with another vehicle. The driver apologize to Parineet for his misstep. She pardon him. Rakesh begins beating the driver there for attempted to hurt Parineet. Parineet gets stunned to see him there. She requests him to leave her hand. He is playing with her. Parineet drives him away and runs from that point. Rakesh pursues her behind. Rakesh holds Parineet. She shares with him that she is now hitched. Rakesh tells him that he concentrated in abroad and he is really rich then Rajeev. She drives him away and runs from there

Parineetii Latest Spoiler Alerts 14th December 2022

Episode end

Precap; Rakesh will tell Parineet that he won’t leave her. He will be with her till he alive. In the mean time, Rajeev will invest heartfelt energy with Neeti. Parineet will feel somebody following her. She will get shock to see Rakesh there

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