Parineetii 15th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Parineetii Written Update 15th December 2022

The episode begins with Monty taking practice to chat with her young lady companion. Babli crossed him. Monty stops her. She begins testing his sanity to no one’s surprise. He requests that she go for a date with him. Babli asks him where ought to go? He tells her that he will take her to her number one spot. Gurinder comes there and questions them what’s happening here? Monty tells her that he is going out with his companion. He was rehearsing with her. Gurinder asks him to wouldn’t fret such young ladies. He shouldn’t cherish a young lady like Babli. As of now she was unable to deal with her sister Parineet. It’s difficult to bear her as well. She leaves from that point. Monty acknowledges that he was practice with her. Babli attacks him and leaves. In the interim, Neeti clears to the chief that she isn’t a cheat. She is from a very much rumored family. She won’t take such little things. She is an Air lady. He requests that she show her ID card or, more than likely he will call the police. Neeti lets him know that she neglect to bring her ID card. She begs him to don’t destroy her transporter. Neeti requests that he send somebody with her to home. She will show her ID card to them. Supervisor requests that she call somebody to bring it here. She calls Parineet yet she isn’t going to the call. She calls Sanju yet he detaches the bring in dread. Neeti begs the chief to leave her. He says that it’s their rules.

Written Update Parineetii Today Episode

Rakesh pursuing Parineet. She goes into the sanctuary and conceals there. Rakesh looking for Parineet. He imagines that she is following her cluture. She might be concealing inside the sanctuary. Parineet takes cover behind the support point. Rakesh says that he loves the find the stowaway game. He jumps at the chance to play with her after their marriage. Her telephone rings there. He requests that Parineet tell Rajeev that she don’t adore him however Rakesh. He was keeping his things these numerous days with him. He could return his Parineet to her now. Rakesh imparts his fantasy to her. He adds that he imagined a great deal to live with her. Rakesh loses his cool while she making him stand by more. He shares with her that he fail to remember the manner in which she made him drain. Numerous young ladies are remaining in a line to wed him. Yet, he is infatuated with Parineet. Parineet requests that god save her. Rakesh got Parineet and advises her that even god needs to see her with him.Parineet begs him to leave her. She yells for help. Rakesh cautions her to quiet down. She beats him with sanctuary Ringer. He blacks out down. Parineet escapes from that point. In the mean time, Rajeev shows Neeti’s ID card to the Supervisor. Trough requests that she be cautious next time. Neeti says thanks to him for saved her. She protests that Parineet isn’t going to her call. She saw Rajeev here. He imagines as he is clueless about it. He was in London. Neeti says that he was in Chandigarh. She saw him in the shopping center. She attempted to meet him yet he overlooked her. Rajeev gets some information about her. Neeti says that Rajeev is a miscreant. He is double-crossing Parineet. Rajeev grumblings that she met with a mishap as a result of her. Neeti requests that he quit talking like that. He leaves from that point in angry.


Neeti sees that Rajeev is furious on her and attempts to persuade him. He requests her to grasp her hand from him. Neeti imparts to him that she had zero control over his indignation after saw Rajeev. He is swindling Parineet. She needs to see Parineet get a spouse like Sanju who cherishes her genuinely. Rajeev shares with him that she neglecting to deal with her child for Parineet. Neeti says that he is irate on her. She imagines like her stomach tormenting. He really focuses on her. Neeti requests that he purchase a frozen yogurt for her. Neeti dreams like investing quality energy with Sanju. In the mean time, Rakesh gains cognizant. He snickers like distraught. He says that she got away from him. She can’t escape from Rakesh. Nobody ready to save her from him. Afterward, Parineet scopes to home and shut her room. She expresses gratitude toward God for saved her.

Parineetii Latest Spoiler Alerts 15th December 2022

Episode end

Precap; Gurinder will contact Rakesh and illuminate him about the capability occurring in her home. She will request that he go to the capability and take Parineet from here. Afterward, Neeti will stop Rakesh and request him to eliminate his sehara to see his face

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