Parineetii 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Parineetii Written Update 16th December 2022

The episode begins with Parineet wishes to close the entryway seeing the whether condition is awful. Relatives are likewise not there. She got a call. She separates the call hearing Rakesh’s ring tone. She thinks why he is behind her. Calling chime rings. She feels that everybody got back to home. She opens the entryway however nobody is there. She questions who rings the calling ringer. She finds a letter at entryway step. She shuts the entryway in dread. She attempts to call Neeti yet power goes off. She fears to remain there alone. She ease up the candles Rakesh specifies her name. She believes that she is imaging things. Rakesh shuts her eyes. Parineet gets stunned to see Rakesh there. He tells her that it’s actually tormenting on the grounds that she hurt his head. Parineet begs him to leave her. It’s her parents in law house. Rakesh says that he is here to take her to her genuinely parents in law house. Parineet asks him how much cash he wants? Rakesh says that he is a priest child. He needn’t bother with her cash. He just need her. How is it that she could affront his adoration on her by offering cash to him.

Written Update Parineetii Today Episode

Parineet drives him away. Rakesh holds her leg. She begs him to leave her. Rakesh shares with her that he just necessities her adoration. Parineet harms him with the bloom container. He flinches in torment. Parineet conceals under the eating table. Rakesh playing find the stowaway with her. Rakesh says that nobody in home to save her. Why she is yelling for help pointless? Rakesh sings to disturb Parineet. She requests him to avoid her or, in all likelihood she will beat him. Rakesh asks her for what reason she is continuously beating him? He requests that she be heartfelt with him. God made her uniquely for him. Parineet beats him once more. Rakesh says that he is continuously beating unnecessary.Parineet attempts to call Rajeev. Rakesh shuts her mouth. Rajeev goes to the call. Rakesh broke her telephone. He grievances that she is attempting to be shrewd with him. He will get done with his job before Rajeev comes here. He is talking decent with her. Parineet imagines expresses yes to his desire. Rakesh gets glad to hear it. She nibbles on his hand and takes off. Rakesh says that he is showing his adoration to her. In any case, she needs to see his annoyance. Parineet really looks at the telephone yet its not working. Rakesh cautions her to don’t drive him crazy. He takes blade in his grasp. He says that it’s anything but a vegetable shaper blade. He tracks down Parineet. He shares with her the amount she adores her. He says that he will satisfy her deep rooted. He has a banglow multiple times greater than this. Parineet strips him and conceals inside the room. Rakesh breaks the entryway. He tracks down her concealing inside the closet. Parineet tells him thar she has a place with another person. Rakesh says that she is his young lady. She yells for help. Rakesh says that she can’t escape from him. Parineet begs him to leave her. Parineet has a nightmare.


Parminder hears her voice and hurries to really look at her. Parineet feels ease after understood it’s a fantasy. She embraces Parminder in dread. She asks her what was the deal? Parineet wishes to conceal reality from Parminder. She would rather not alarm them. Parineet misleads her that she had a bad dream. Parminder asks her for what valid reason did she yell like that? Parineet says that she saw something most exceedingly awful in her fantasy. She got frightened. Parminder consoles her. In the interim, Neeti gets back to home. Neeti asks her what has been going on with her? She looks strained. Parineet misleads her as nothing. Rajeev imagines that Parineet stressing over Vishal. He feels defenseless there. Parineet sees Neeti looks blissful she believed that Neeti didn’t meet Vishal. Parminder requests that Parineet go with her. Parineet tells her she will get together with her later. Neeti asks Parineet what’s happening? Parineet tells her that she is feeling the loss of her mother. She got close to home seeing Parminder. Neeti says that it’s anything but something major. Neeti consoles her that Gurpreet is in Barnala, she can meet her. Neeti believes that she is stowing away something from her.

Parineetii Latest Spoiler Alerts 16th December 2022

Episode end

Precap; Gurinder will contact Rakesh and illuminate him about the capability occurring in her home. She will request that he go to the capability and take Parineet from here. Afterward, Neeti will stop Rakesh and request him to eliminate his sehara to see his face. Vishal will give a dance execution on the stage

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