Parineetii 17th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Parineetii Written Update 17th December 2022

The episode begins Parminder’s significant other lauding the cooking. He contrasts the flavor of dish and Biji’s cooking. Biji grievances that he is contrasting his mom’s cooking and little girl in-regulation. Monty says that it’s better he didn’t contrasted it and Parminder’s cooking. Parminder and her better half beginnings pulling each other legs. Relatives having some good times seeing their charming arguements. Biji grievances that Monty continuously focusing on his telephone. On the off chance that he swipe the telephone like this, he will not get hitched. Monty says that he was really taking a look at his versatile. Tomorrow is her birthday. Biji says that he is attempting to say she was aging and go to paradise quickly. Monty denied it and says how about we celebrate it. Biji says that she doesn’t has any desire to commend her birthday. Rajeev says that they impacted wafers on her last birthday. How about we commend this birthday as well. Biji says that she needs to celebrate it unique. Parineet requests that she express what’s at the forefront of her thoughts. Biji requests that she satisfy the wish she told her first. Parineet feels hurt hearing it.

Written Update Parineetii Today Episode

Neeti questions what did she asked to Parineet? Biji says that she needs to take Parineet with her to the sanctuary. She needs to appeal to God for her. Monty asks her what’s her request? Biji protests that she shouldn’t uncover it to anybody untill god satisfy her desire. Monty recommends her to do a party. Neeti requests that Parineet persuade Biji. Parineet demands Biji to give consent for it. She gives consent for Parineet. She guarantees Biji to take her to sanctuary after the party. Parminder proposes him to give Carrot halwa. Monty proposes grill. Biji disdains Monty’s thought and grievances that his thought are old design. She requests that they direct a dingy subject for this party. Everybody loves her thought. She requests that they welcome their companions for this party.Neeti believes that Sanju is furious on her. She was sorry to him for her demonstration. Sanju says that she isn’t giving regard to his words and taking choices in her own. Neeti guarantees him that she will not meddle in Parineet’s life any longer. Sanju adds that she rehashed it. Neeti says that he isn’t pondering from her side. Parineet is her closest companion. She needs to contemplate her life as well. Sanju overlooks her. Monty comes there to request them to give the rundown from individuals ought to welcome for the party. Sanju requests that he welcome as per his desire. Quit upsetting him. Neeti requests that he welcome each companion of Rajeev. He was sorry to them for upsetting them in night.


Parineet welcomes the visitor. Visitor commends her excellence. She asks Parineet about Biji. Parineet says that she is the sovereign of this party. She will come there later. Parineet sees that Rajeev is worried. She asks him what’s annoying him? He tells her that Monty welcomed Vishal to the party. Parineet gets stunned to hear it. She asks him for what good reason did Monty welcomed him? Rajeev portrays what is happening to her. She proposes him to stop him some way or another. she requests that he illuminate Vishal the party was dropped. Rajeev requests that she quiet down. Parineet grievances that he is continuously keeping her in pressure. She adds that Neeti is accepting Vishal is her significant other. In the event that he come here, Neeti will track down reality with regards to them. She adds that he isn’t permitting her to live in harmony. She leaves from that point out of resentment. Neeti comes there and question them what’s happening between them? They are very close and contending with one another occasionally. It’s difficult for her to pass judgment on their relationship. Rajeev stows away reality from her.

Parineetii Latest Spoiler Alerts 17th December 2022

Guest asks Gurinder does she intended to break anybody family today? She asks her what was the deal? Visitor says that she took Sasikala job for this party. Gurinder says that she is assuming her part yet her heart is as yet suspecting like Gurinder. She got a call from Rakesh. He undermines her to help him or probably he won’t leave her. Gurinder says that she gave data to him yesterday where she is going. Be that as it may, he neglected to hold her. Gurinder says that Rajeev is Parineet’s significant other for name purpose. He can take her from here. She illuminates him about the subject party. He says that media is continuously zeroing in on him. In the event that he get captured then he won’t leave her. Gurinder requests that he seize Parineet from here. She will deal with rest. Gurinder believes that once Rakesh takes Parineet from here then Biji’s property has a place with her.

Rakesh respects Parineet’s photograph. Everybody wishes cheerful birthday to Biji. Biji imparts to them it’s her thought. Everybody values her thought and look. They starts the party. Biji requests that they hang on she needs to see her #1 Parineet’s exhibition. Neeti gets disheartened to hear it. Rajeev imagines that she might be calling her to see him hitting the dance floor with Parineet. Rajeev requests that Monty help him. Monty says that controlling Biji is intense. Parineet comes there. She requests that she hit the dance floor with Rajeev.

Episode end

Precap; Rakesh will follow Parineet. He still up in the air to take Parineet with him. Rajeev will seeing somebody following Parineet and goes behind him. Neeti will see Vishal and tell Parineet that she need to examine something significant with her. Neeti will request Rakesh to eliminate the sehara from his face

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