Parineetii 19th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Parineetii Written Update 19th December 2022

The episode begins with Biji requesting that Parineet dance. Vishal gives a passage and performed on the stage. Biji acclaims his dance. Neeti feels that his face recognizable one to him. Parineet asks Rajeev what his identity is? Vishal embraces Rajeev and lets him know that he didn’t see him for a really long time. He came here to go to his family capability to see him. He asks Rajeev Would she say she is his better half seeing Parineet? He denies it. Vishal welcomes Rajeev’s folks. Anchor annouces Rajeev name to move in front of an audience. Rajeev calls Neeti to hit the dance floor with him yet she deny it thinking Biji will misreads them. Anchor asks Parineet and Neeti to gets together with him. Triplet moves together. Biji hates the manner in which Neeti sticks to Rajeev. She gets together with them and drives Neeti away. Gurinder feels that she overlooked Neeti for Parineet. She thinks where could Rakesh be? Might be he will come to wash the vessels after the capability end. Simi wears Gangubai ensemble. Babli prods her. Simi gives a dance execution in front of an audience. In the mean time, Rakesh ranges to Parineet’s home. He is in groom clothing concealing his face with Sehara. He imagines that he is here to Parineet with him.

Written Update Parineetii Today Episode

Neeti wishes to converse with Vishal to clear her disarray. She imagines that Sanju is as of now irate with her for behind Rajeev. Might be he will not misreads her. He is Sanju’s companion. She welcomes Vishal and asks him did we meet previously? Vishal going to illuminate her about their meet in the shopping center. One of his companion take Vishal from that point. Neeti imagines that Rajeev additionally got back from London. Vishal feels awkward of Neeti’s gaze. He imagines that Rajeev’s significant other continues to gaze him. Neeti imagines that he might be feeling humiliated of her stare.Rakesh goes into the house. He feels that this sehara will assist him with concealing his personality from others. Nobody will track down him in it. He crashes into Gurinder. She asks him where did he lost his vision? Is it safe to say that he is visually impaired? Rakesh says that visually impaired is her father. Gurinder lashes out on him. Rakesh uncovers his personality to her. He requests her to meet him in kitchen and leaves. Biji stops Gurinder and requests her to move the gifts in her room. Gurinder imagines that she needs to complete this work as quickly as possible to meet Rakesh. She fears that Rakesh will make superfluous issue there. Rakesh hydrates and sitting tight for Gurinder. Parineet comes there taking desserts box.


Neeti follows her behind and asks her why is she here? Parineet says that she came here to put the desserts box. Neeti asks her did she saw the London return individual outside? He seems to be Rajeev. Parineet denies it. Neeti requests that he partake in the capability as opposed to hearing their discussion. Neeti stops him and ask Rakesh what his identity is? What he is doing here? Whom welcomed him here? Rakesh imagines that he would have completed her in clinic it self. Neeti requests Rakesh to eliminate his sehara to see his face. In the interim, Rajeev requests that Biji cut the birthday cake. Biji says that she won’t cut the cake since he uncovered her age in that cake.

Parineetii Latest Spoiler Alerts 19th December 2022

Biji requests that Rajeev and Parineet give a beneficiary of her. Rajeev leaves from that point. Vishal hears it and gets confounded. He feels that Neeti is Rajeev’s better half why she is requesting that Parineet give a main beneficiary. He questions might be Rajeev has illicit relationship with Neeti. On the off chance that he has illicit relationship with her she shouldn’t have favored them. He is mistaken for her assertion. Neeti objections that he isn’t talking or eliminating his sehara. Not entirely settled to see his face. Rakesh going to leave however Neeti stops him. Neeti says that she won’t leave him until she see his face. She cautions him to eliminate his sehara.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet will discuss her thoughts to Rajeev. She will let him know that she actually love him. Afterward, Rajeev will ask Neeti did she notice an individual wearing wedding dress. Neeti will gesture with him. In the mean time, Parineet will crash into Rakesh and faint down. Rakesh will look her stunned

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