Pishachini 12th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Pishachini Written Update 12th December 2022

The episode begins with Rani being gotten a cart by the Pishach to the old manor. Rajputs’ carbon copies praise Rani’s appearance. They say that she seems to be a lovely princess. All of a sudden, Rough shows up there. Vidya praises Rough’s look and says that he seems to be an attractive ruler. They praise the couple, Rough and Rani. Sudhakar and Dadaji remind Rani that she told that her and Rough’s commitment will be novel and gets some information about it. Rani says that they will get hitched upon the arrival of the full moon before the Pishach tree. She further says that the commitments told by people are simply words, so their relationship is so feeble, however assuming similar commitments are said by two detestable animals in their manner, they become inseparable.

Written Update Pishachini Today Episode

On the other hand, Pavitra is oblivious. Her third eye sparkles. Pavitra sees that the Rajputs are caught and are in harm’s way. Pavitra awakens. She says that she would rather not lose her family like she lost her family before. She says that her family is caught in some dull spot and ponders where that spot, where her family is. Here, Rani and Rough slit their wrist and empty each other’s blood into a little holder and wear it around one another’s necks.Rani says that if Rough returns his choice to wed her, every one of his powers will come to her and he will be obliterated. She requests that he do the blood agreement with her. There, Pavitra comprehends that the ring given by Rough is making her powerless and attempts to eliminate it, yet all the same she’s not capable. So she chooses to figure out how to disregard the ring’s impact to save her loved ones. She petitions Hanumanji, looking for his assistance. Here, Rough holds Rani’s hand and makes a blood settlement with her.


Rocky says that they need to take their family’s gifts. Rani says that the family should be cheerful as their child and girl in-regulation will turn out to be all the more remarkable. Bubli says that Rani is now strong and asks what new power she will get after the marriage. Rani expresses that after their wedding they can join their powers. Sudhakar says that it implies Rough will get Rani’s powers and Rani will get Rough’s solidarity. Dadaji says that their powers will be multiplied. Rough says that nobody power on the planet can stop them and assuming the individuals who attempt to stop them, can’t survive.

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Pavitra will track down her family, however she gets blazes of the demise of her granddad and becomes frail. She drops the jug of otherworldly powder which is the arrangement given by Kanika. She thinks about what to do now. The enchanted powder flies and shows Pavitra the way. The mystical powder takes Pavitra to the mirror inside which the Rajputs are caught. Pavitra considers everything the mysterious powder attempts to say her.

The Rajputs say that they’re here, however Pavitra can’t hear them. Pavitra sees the vermillion stain on the mirror. She inquires as to whether they’re caught inside the mirror and requests that they offer her a hint. The Rajputs can’t help thinking about how to send any sign to Pavitra. Vidya says that they need to utilize a red tone to make an impression on Pavitra. Bubli recollects that she tied a lipstick in her saree pallu. She takes it. However, she drops it erroneously. That spot begins to shake. Bubli gets the lipstick after a ton of battling. She writes in the mirror that they’re here. Pavitra sees this and comprehends her family is caught inside the mirror.

The episode ends.

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