Pishachini 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Pishachini Written Update 14th December 2022

The episode begins with Pavitra understanding that the Rajputs are caught inside the mirror not set in stone to deliver them. Then again, Rani takes Rough to a space to praise their commitment. Rani vanishes. Here, that’s what pavitra says, similar to like clockwork, she will indulge Rani’s arrangement. She says that Kanika should know how to let the Rajputs out of the mirror and goes to get her assistance. There, Rough ponders where Rani is. Rani is sitting inside the bath. Rough takes off his shirt and sits in the bath. Rough sentiments Rani. Abruptly, Rough’s ring shines. Rough says that Pavitra is attempting to emerge from their snare and goes to stop her. Rani gets baffled that Pavitra generally ruins her festival.

Written Update Pishachini Today Episode

Pavitra will track down Kanika. Unexpectedly, Rough comes and stands before her. He sticks her to the wall. In the mean time, Pavitra is hanging tight for Rough. She chooses to go to check. In any case, Bubli’s clone stops her and requests that she prepare as Pavitra will not have the option to set her family free from the mirror. Rani says that no one but she can let them out of the mirror. Bubli’s copy requests that Rani tell her how. Rani likewise shares the mystery with her. Rocky is astounded by Pavitra’s fortitude to rival his power. Pavitra attempts to go after him with her heavenly image. Rough holds her hand in time and says that he was her significant other prior to turning into a zombie, so he realizes that she will go after him with her heavenly image. Pavitra says that she has proactively lost her family and doesn’t have any desire to lose her better half who adores her so far as well. She says that Rough’s entire family is caught inside the mirror and he can successfully save them. Rough says that he can’t endure her mentality and gets defensive toward. Pavitra gets hold of a blade utilizing her heavenly power and places it close to Rough’s neck. Rough says that come what may, Pavitra can’t kill him. Pavitra affirms something very similar, still up in the air to take Rough back to his human structure. Bubli’s clone shares with Rough that Rani calls her. Rough leaves.


Bubli’s copy tells Rani that she knows the answer for discharge her loved ones. Pavitra says that she’s a captive of Rani and inquires as to why she would help her. Bubli’s copy appears as Kanika and the last option says that she’s consistently prepared to help her. Pavitra embraces Kanika. In the mean time, inside the mirror, the Rajputs are terrified when that spot shakes and the wall falls.

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Pavitra requests Kanika how she took the appearance from Bubli. Kanika says that their family has been battling against abhorrent power for some ages and procured a few extraordinary powers. She says that she has the force of taking anybody’s appearance. Pavitra says that she has the heavenly image. Kanika says that Pavitra’s heavenly image is more impressive than her power and it continues to build each time she battles the insidious power. Kanika asks Pavitra how long the family has been caught inside the mirror. Pavitra reviews Vidya’s peculiar way of behaving and informs her regarding something very similar. Kanika presumes that they probably been caught inside the mirror for a long-lasting and adds that the spot inside the mirror probably began to get obliterated.

Rocky and Rani see Bubli and Manohar’s clones battling in the kitchen and marvel with whom they talked. They go to track down Pavitra. Yet, they are come by Kanika. Rough says that Pavitra considered Kanika when she realize that she planned to lose. He asks where Pavitra is. He sees the image on the wall and Pavitra is inside the room attempting to free herself. Kanika says that Rani and Rough can’t go inside as she fixed every one of the best approaches inside the room. Rani says that Kanika took in the mystery by deceiving her, yet it isn’t so natural as she has the genuine key. Kanika says that the Pishach tree’s limb is the genuine key. A FB shows. Kanika approaches the Pishach tree and effectively cuts a piece of its branch. Pavitra utilizes that piece of branch to let her family out of the mirror.

The episode closes.

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