Pushpa Impossible 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Pushpa Impossible Written Update 14th December 2022

The episode begins with Pushpa attacking Pranav and Varsha. She reprimands them for dumping a mother who carried them up and raised them with care. She finds out if they are not embarrassed about their demonstration. Bapodhara inquires as to how could she expect anything from the people who don’t regard their own folks. He says that the person who jettison their own mom can’t be faithful for anybody. Pushpa grumblings aginasst them to Reviewer for falsification. Controller requests that Bapodhara and Pushpa come to station to give an objection alongside Radha Kaku. Pushpa consents to bring her. Mansi is examining business with a fellow and furthermore talks with her dad. Barely any hooligans clicks her image and sends it to somebody. They likewise call and illuminate that person.

Written Update Pushpa Impossible Today Episode

Pushpa carries Kaku to police headquarters who is sickened at Pranav and Varsha. Auditor requests that they express out loud whatever occurred. Pranav and Varsha says that their business endured misfortune which is the reason they needed to sell their Pune house. Since they didn’t have some work and house they chose to sell Kaku’s home. Since she’s irate with them they put on a separation act to trick her. Bapodhara requests cash when they say that they utilized it to pay their advances. Radha request that the Controller document one more Fir on them as killer who killed the recollections of her significant other’s home by selling it without her consent a she was as yet the owner.Pushpa expresses out loud whatever occurred and everybody were enraged in her loved ones. Sonal and Manish returns home with an uplifting news that Sonal clear her tests. She says she needs to design further . they get another blissful news that Deepti landed position as VP in Janani Gathering of Organizations. But Ashwin every other person are glad for her. Prarthana found back articulation which got credited for 5 crore and gets some information about it. Bpaodhara misleads Susheela and Prarthana that it’s chawl redevelopment and requests that they stay quiet about it for legitimate reason. They elieve his words.

Pushpa Impossible

Mansi is riding her vehicle when somebody hinders her direction. She gets down to find somebody clicking her photos and barely any hooligans moving toward her. She gets back in her vehicle and leaves the spot. The thugs choose to case after her. Pushpa gives food to Saran sir and says thanks to him for carrying back Kaku to her and dealing with her. Saran says that he didn’t save her since she’s Radha however somebody who’s out of luck. He says that main favored individuals will have their folks with them. He says that he lost his folks in a mishap and doesn’t have the gift. He says that he truly needed for guardians love which is the reason he promptly supported when Rashi presented to him embraced guardians. He expresses that there are numerous who might embrace youngsters however not guardians. Pushpa empowers him that he would get all that he wished for.

Pushpa Impossible Latest Spoiler Alerts 14th December 2022

Precap : Susheela wll say Pushpa that regardless of the amount she figures she can hardly imagine how Bapodhara has some undertaking. Pushpa will say that Baodhara’s face colur depleted when she told about Surat. Susheela will say Bapodhara that she needs to talk with him about Surat while Bapodhara gets shocked.

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