Pushpa Impossible 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Pushpa Impossible Written Update 16th December 2022

The episode begins with Ashwin and Deepti leaving for special first night and Pushpa sends them off requesting that they deal with one another. The two of them leave. Susheela is as yet stressed over Pushpa’s words and it continued to bring in her mind. She straightforwardly asks Bapodhara about for what good reason he lied that he’s going to Patna when he went to Surat. Bapodhara concocted a story saying that he finished the work on the web thus changed his arrangements. He inquires as to whether Pushpa filled her ears against him and cautions her to avoid Pushpa as she would wind up breaking their home. Susheela is certain that he’s concealing something from her. She chooses to straightforwardly go to Surat to track down reality. She says something similar to Prarthana who inquires as to whether she will go alone. Susheela says she doesn’t as she’s going with Pushpa. She chooses to track down reality. The thugs see Mansi with tight security and chooses to change their plan.

Written Update Pushpa Impossible Today Episode

At school, Nanavati says Pushpa that utilizing the award cash he will purchase not many PCs for the younger students and gives the initiation obligation to Pushpa. He says she’s the best justification behind them to get the award cash. Pushpa consents to go to at any expense. Rashi will wish to purchase a different PC as now Pushpa will likewise learn it and they need to update themselves. Pushpa says that air conditioner is in the rundown for a really long time and PC comes after it. She requests that Chirag check for a decent ac and he views as one. Pushpa is stressed over the expense however Chirag says EMI is accessible. She requests that he book one and needs to astonish Ashwin and Deepti when they are back from wedding trip. Deepti and Ashwin arrive at Pattan and Ashwin reviews the recollections of the spot. He asks what’s the shock and Deepti says she will say. Sge first says that they need to visit Expert’s Home to welcome him and leave for the place.Susheela comes to Pushpa and says about her needing to go to Surat. She requests that she go with her and Susheela concurs. Ace invites Ashwin and Deepti and they are dumbfounded by the wonderful conventional House. Ace gives them Lassi made in customary manner and they were astounded with the taste. Ace asks the justification behind their unexpected visit when Ashwin says him as no thought. Deepti says regarding her consuming Pushpa’s saree and expresses something to him in quiet. He says that the main individual who can give answer for it is Pushpa and needs to show them something later. They solicitation to remain for the evening and he happily concurs. Chirag solaces upset Prarthana. Ace shows them a loom to make saree which Pushpa requested that he secure. He says he would clean now is the ideal time to time and says regarding young ladies not getting the hang of approaching as they would give it to another family. Anyway he says that her dad was forward thinking that he even showed Pushpa the approaching. Pushpa and Susheela comes to Bapodhara House in Surat.

Pushpa Impossible

Precap : Susheela will stand up to Bharti that on the off chance that Bapodhara visits her consistently. At first Bharti will won’t answer however later she will uncover something stunning Susheela and will close the entryway on her face.


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