Pushpa Impossible 19th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Pushpa Impossible Written Update 19th December 2022

The episode begins with Pushpa gaining from Susheelthat Bharat Bapodhara passed on by self destruction. They return home and Susheela resigns to her home. Pushpa goes to Neelima’s home and says regarding the lead she got. She gets the self destruction letter from Neelima and take sit with her to take xerox duplicates of it. She gets back home and Chirag and Rashi joyfully welcomes her. They take her to ac room and amazements her with the air conditioner. Pushpa will be thrilled and can hardly stand by to astound Deepti and Ashwin as well. Chiraga sks her about Bapodhara and Pushpa says that the woman is his sibling’s better half. Before long , ther Chawl individuals likewise join her. Mansi fixes the security yet couldn’t pursue her assailants. Her dad calls her and gets some information about her security. She says she’s fine and gets some information about her. He requests that she return if hse feels undermined and Mansi guarantees something very similar. Her dad takes a gander at the image on the wall.

Written Update Pushpa Impossible Today Episode

Next day, Pushpa passes on to school and Rashi likewise joins her as her suspension closes. She says that she made up with her missed classes utilizing her notes and training classes. The two of them emerge and finds Chirag training Golu to draw utilizing dabs and by following their way. Pushpa gets a thought and chooses to join the specks. She gives the self destruction letter to Susheela and makes sense of about it. She demonstrates themention of more youthful sibling and suspects it to be Bharat Bapodhara’s self destruction letter. She requests that she coordinate with Bharat’s penmanship while she will attempt to coordinate it with Ramesh’s penmanship and gives the letter to Susheela. She goes to class with Rashi and everybody invites her including Aryan. They all celebrate it with their #1 food. Aryan recommends a progressions in the recipe to upgrade the taste and Pushpa requests that he attempt it himself. Aryan attempts it and Pushpa appreciates the taste.Bapodhara comes to Radha Kaku to get her unmistakable on the testimony and attempts to corner involving Pranav as he culpability factor. Anyway Radha would rather not sign it without checking it and Bapodhara leaves the papers with her. Pushpa comes to Nanavati and says regarding her concept of instructing cooking to a specific bunch of understudies consistently as it’s something required for everybody. Nanavati consents to check it out. Pushpa and Nreelima looked for Ramesh’s penmanship to coordinate with the letter. Susheela likewise looks for Bharat’s penmanship in Bapodhara’s nonattendance. The two of them find it and Pushpa discovers that it’s not Ramesh’s penmanship. Susheela comprehends that the letter is of Bharat Bapodhara. Bapodhara come sto Pushpa to get her unmistakable in NOC when Bharti calls him and expresses him about Pushpa and Susheela visiting her.

Pushpa Impossible

Precap : Mansi’s dad will be uncovered to be Dileep Patel. Pushpa will come to Ashwin’s office while Dileep will be on video call with Mansi on big screen for a gathering. Pushpa will be extremely near seeing Dileep on screen


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