Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii Written Update 14th December 2022

In the present episode, Pratik and Hansa compliment Pratiksha and Malhar for commitment. Both Ravi and Pratiksha’s families commend their individual uplifting news. Ravi’s mom says that she has anticipated Ravi’s commitment since long. She says that she will deal with everything. She requests that Ravi and Keerti go to jewlery shop and conclude ring for commitment. Ravi’s grandma proposes to coordinate the commitment service at their private bunglow.

Written Update Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii Today Episode

Keerti upholds her assertion. She and Ravi leave for the jewlery shop. Hansa requests that Malhar go with Pratiksha to purchase ring for their commitment. Pratik requests that they go to his companion’s renowned jewlery shop to purchase the ring. Parul, Kinjal request that Pratiksha purchase ring with ganpati plan on it according to their mom’s preferring. Pratik gives his card to Pratiksha for shopping. Ravi, Keerti show up at a similar shop. Ravi drops Keerti and his sibling there. Ravi stops his vehicle at signal. Pratiksha and Malhar’s auto comes by its side. Malhar goes to the jewlery shop. Pratiksha gets back to take his telephone that she left inside auto. Because of wind, her dupatta contacts Ravi’s face. They neglect to see each other.Ravi ponders what her identity was. At the jewlery shop, Pratiksha sits tight for Malhar. Ravi comes there and meets Keerti. Malhar requests that Pratiksha select ring and goes to accept a call. Keerti concludes a ring with ganpati plan for her commitment. Malhar spots somebody recognizable external the shop. He saw that individual that evening in the production line when Pratiksha was seized. Keerti sees similar individual inside the shop and reviews his name Raghu. Keerti begins yelling. Raghu takes off. Ravi, Keerti goes behind him. They come outside.

Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii

Malhar perceives Ravi. He gets frightened and conceals himself. Pratiksha recognizes the ring Keerti has concluded for herself. She loves the ring and wears it on her finger. Afterward, she discovers that another person has finished the ring for her commitment and that was the last piece accessible. Being disheartened Pratiksha attempts to eliminate her ring however neglects to do as such. Ravi, Keerti search for Raghu out and about. Ravi feels worried for Keerti’s wellbeing. He requests that she wed him as soon as conceivable so he can remain with her and safeguard her generally. Keerti calls him insane. They return to the jewlery shop. Pratiksha continues to attempt to eliminate the ring.

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Keerti enquires about the ring that she has chosen. Ravi follows the woman in counter and meets Pratiksha. They get stunned seeing one another. He tells Pratiksha that Keerti has picked the ring. Pratiksha lets him know that her life partner’s name is Malhar. Ravi says that he could do without the name and ridicules it. A more seasoned woman sees them and calls them charming couple. At the point when Ravi, Pratiksha recount to them their story she says that they are bound to be with one another. She later recommends Pratiksha to apply heated water and cleanser to eliminate the ring. Ravi takes Pratiksha to café. Ravi’s sibling stops Ravi with Pratiksha and plans to whine about Ravi to Keerti. Pratiksha consumes her fingers while attempting to eliminate the ring. Ravi blows air on her fingers. Pratiksha feels associated with Ravi and trusts that he gets his dharam patni. The episode ends.

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