Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 19th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii Written Update 19th December 2022

In the present episode, Pratik lets everybody know that he has brought a dupatta of Pratiksha ‘s mother from Junagadh so Pratiksha can wear it during her commitment and get gifts of her mom. She requests that Hansa proceed to bring the dupatta. Hansa orders Pratiksha to proceed to bring the dupatta for herself. Keerti detects the equivalent dupatta, wears it and conceals herself in the background. Raghu detects her and gets her. Pratiksha comes there to take the dupatta.

Written Update Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii Today Episode

Raghu conceals himself and Keerti in the background. He requests that Keerti not make any sound if not he will kill Pratiksha. Hansa comes there to call Pratiksha for the commitment. Pratiksha feels that somebody is taking cover in the background. She goes to check however gets frightened seeing a mouse there. She lets Hansa know that her mom’s dupatta is missing. Hansa gets some information about the dupatta as doing the commitment is a higher priority than it. Pratiksha gets persuaded and goes with Hansa. Raghu makes Keerti smell chloroform, limit her options and legs. He leaves from the room.Malhar spots Raghu and asks him what he was doing at that evening when Pratiksha got captured. Raghu says that he was not there and thakur has numerous different organizations other than ladies dealing. Everybody notice that Malhar is missing. Hansa requests that Kinjal proceed to call him. Kinjal spots Malhar and requests that he come for the commitment system. Raghu conceals himself with the goal that Kinjal doesn’t see his face. Keerti awakens as she didn’t smell the chloroform. She unfastens her hand, calls Ravi from her. She cries and let Ravi know that she got captured. Her telephone gets separated due to no signal.

Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii

Raghu brings large drum and organizes a vehicle to leave kidnap Keerti. He returns to the room. Once more, keerti stows away. Raghu conceals his face behind cover. Keerti binds to hit Raghu however Raghu gets her once more. This time he effectively figures out how to make Keerti smell the chloroform. Pratiksha makes Malhar wear the ring. Malhar requests that Hansa give him Pratiksha ‘s ring. Hansa says that ring is in her sack and the pack is there. She requests that Kinjal proceed to bring that ring. Kinjal comes to the room when Raghu assaults Keerti.

Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii Latest Spoiler Alerts 19th December 2022

Kinjal shouts in shock. Raghu hits on Kinjal’s head two times. Kinjal blacks out aswell. Ravi comes there with police. Ravi, Pratiksha see one another and get astonished. Ravi lets everybody know that Keerti called him, she got seized and is available in the house. He requests that police close the entryways and quest for Keerti. Hansa, Malhar let Ravi know that they can’t stop their capability. Pratik says that Ravi should be mixed up. Ravi doesn’t get persuaded. Home pastor who is Pratik’s visitor arranges the police to leave and not upset the commitment. Police change their stand and lets Ravi know that they are leaving. Ravi gets shocked. The episode ends.

Precap – Pratiksha attempts to track down Keerti with Ravi. Ravi lets Malhar know that he won’t extra anybody assuming anything happens to Keerti. He requests that Pratiksha quit imagining as though she really focuses on Keerti. Keerti is inside the truck. She intends to leap to save her life. Thakur says that Keerti needs to kick the bucket to give them safe passage.

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